2.0 Miles and Still Healing – RunLog October 9, 2020

I took yesterday off, just as a precaution to make sure that my ribs and whatever else I damaged in that area were doing just fine. This morning I felt pretty good and decided after walking Bennie to go ahead and attempt a 2.0 miler instead of doing just one.

The first mile was pretty good and the hamstrings bothered a little more than the ribs, they are just grumpy about being used again, nothing serious. I go through this whenever I stop running for more than a few weeks and just have to start doing my prehab work again.

The second mile was not as much fun. By the time I got back to Stevens Hill, I could feel myself working hard going up it and slowed down considerably. The ribs were not impressed with the heavy breathing and forced the issue about how hard I could work.

I was very happy with the first mile and while the second was a bit harder, once I stopped breathing as hard the ribs didn’t complain as much. The hamstrings finally loosened up and felt pretty good as well.

If I stay on more level ground I have a feeling that things will be just fine. I just have to keep going slower and not trying to get back to running my normal miles or courses for a while longer.

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