First Run in 3 Weeks – RunLog October 7, 2020

Three weeks and I finally got to run a mile.

I won’t lie and say it was a great mile, but I did run and the discomfort levels were not as bad as I was worried they might be. That being said, the discomfort was definitely still there, but not enough to stop me from running.

I did 30:20 on the elliptical this morning and got the great idea that I was feeling good enough to go out and run a mile. Once I got past the initial few minutes, I relaxed a little and began to run a little easier.

The first run after an injury for me is always the toughest one.

You just do not know what to expect from the body and how the injured area will react to the added effort that running does require. Today was no exception. The first quarter mile or so, I was constantly checking how the ribs were holding together and attempting to figure out how bad the discomfort was going to get.

One thing I could tell was that it has been three weeks since the last time I ran. However, the legs didn’t feel heavy, the hamstrings were not screaming at me and the right butt cheek area (periformis probaby) didn’t complain at all. So maybe the down-time has allowed all those little niggles, strains and mystery pains heal up and give me a chance to start running a little more pain-free when the ribs do finally finish healing.

I was happy with how well I did run and will wait and see how I feel tomorrow, before I tell myself whether I will run or not.

I am on the road to recovery, but I also know that I still have to be careful and not overdo the running stuff quite yet. There is still more discomfort than I want to deal with for more than a mile, but it is a start and I will get back to running well soon I believe.

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