We Are All Human

Here I am sitting at the table after breakfast, knowing that the dishes need to be done, Bennie is looking at me with that look that says it’s time for my walk and Elliott is sitting on the counter supervising the breakfast time. Yet I am sitting here tapping away on the keyboard.

We are all human.

That thought came out of nowhere.

But what does it mean?

Damned if know.

There are so many philosophical questions that that statement raises and people far smarter than I am have attempted to define, categorize or say what “we are all human” means.

Is it our ability to communicate complex thoughts with others, that allows us to build things, create communities, use tools, learn new skills, keep histories, or have beliefs that there is something more to life than existing day-to-day?

You know, all those so-called building blocks on which humanity rests and which are much more complex than what other critters around us can do – is that what makes us human?

Me…I don’t know, but I have a feeling that it revolves around our ability to communicate complex ideas beyond our feelings or simple gestures to another person and be able to understand their complex responses.

I tend to think that it is most of the answer.

The rest of it probably lies in our spiritual beliefs.

or is it something else completely that in today’s world?

I can think of a couple of rabbit holes that I could go down, but not today.

Sometimes I go off on tangents and wonder about the oddest things at times. Especially when TheWife is looking at me like come on, we gotta get the dishes done, to bring me back to earth and get back to what needs to be done.

Instead of wool-gathering on thoughts that I can’t answer in a short blog post and great thinkers of the past and present still argue about.

We are all human, I wonder why did that thought come into my head and what does it mean?

So many questions raised.

I don’t know, but it’s something to think about and explore more, as we attempt to live a life well-lived.


  1. I tend to use, “I’m only human”, but I think it communicates similarly. I often find myself neglecting household tasks to write or just take some ME TIME. I also have two young kids, but I only have so much energy to give, and sometimes, I need to give it to myself. “Fill your cup first!” …have you heard this saying? Sometimes you need to be a bit “selfish” so you have the emotional and physical energy TO tend to other things. If I neglect the dishes, but play with the boys or get some solid writing done…”I’m only human”, not some sort of super-human who has the ability to extend the hours in a day and never tires. That’s what it means to me, but I’m sure everyone will have their unique take on it.


    • Yes, you have to take care you to take care of others. I remember days of taking care of kiddos, attempting to advance my career and just being overwhelmed with everything. It takes balancing life, children, work and what is important at the time. It is all about choices and what are the best that you make at the time you are making them. At times all we can do is the best we can and hope for the best. Usually things work themselves out and we get through things better than we thought we would.

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