Still No Running – Week In Review October 4, 2020

Yep, still not running, the ribs are coming along nicely, but everything I have read says it will be 3-6 weeks before you get back to doing stuff. Seeing that next Wednesday is the third week, I am a little ahead of schedule, but not very much and certainly not enough to make me happy.

I can walk, so I do that, although walking Bennie can be an adventure, when I go left and he suddenly he goes right, I tend to gasp a bit and say unkind words.

The really good news is that I was able to get on the elliptical three times last week. I can’t do the arm swing and have to hold on to the stationary grips, but I was able to work up a good sweat and felt like I got a decent workout in. I will admit that the first day, the ribs were not all that happy, but as long as I take a day off between the sessions, it isn’t too bad.

However, I can do some stuff around the house without grimacing in pain quite so often. So that is good and TheWife appreciates not having to do everything without my help.

Could I run? Probably.

However, there would be more than a little discomfort and it isn’t like I have to run, other than to keep my sanity at a reasonable level. Actually, I have done pretty well not running this time and the legs are appreciative of having this time to heal up a multitude of old overuse injuries that have been piling up.

I am making the best of the rib injury that I can and will keep doing what I can. I have a feeling that by next weekend I will have attempted to run a mile, just to see how good I do feel.

Although I have a feeling that until I can sleep on my right side, I should just slow down and be patient. I will heal, but it takes the time that it takes.

Gotta keep doing what I can do. 🙂

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