Walking Around Up-Back

This morning, after walking Bennie, I decided to take a walk up back on the Old Quaker Road extension. I haven’t been up there for quite a while and wondered how things looked now that they finished cutting wood off their woodlot.

Which is sad because I used to walk up there at least a couple of times a week. Mary and I would ramble along the old tote roads or what used to be actual roads in the 1800s and 1900s. In the winters we would walk the snowmobile trails and look for animal tracks. We loved getting out into the woods and imagining what the people who built the rock walls and lived in the houses were like.

What I found on the abutter’s land, saddened me. It is not so much that they cut down trees, that is something that is an income source, which is part of life around here. No, it is more the way they treated their land.

Once they cut the trees down, they limbed them in place, drove a skidder over smaller trees to haul out the trees. Which left them bent, twisted and broken. Then they left the deadwood in a jumbled mess on the forest floor that it is almost impassable in places.

Heaven forbid there is a fire in there, there is so much fuel on the ground that it will go up in a heart-beat.

But most of all how they left the woodlot showed their disrespect for the land itself.

You could tell where their property line ended. Once I got there, the road was clean of debris and I liked the photo I took enough to make it my blog’s header image. It shows me going on a path less traveled by. For this blog that is very appropriate because that is the path I am taking in my life – the one less traveled.

I did find out who is shooting up back. The house at the end of Quaker, has set up a small pistol range. It is part of living in a rural area.

What did I learn today?

That the people who abut us did a shitty job when logging in their woodlot. It made many of the old trails or tote roads impassable or very difficult to navigate. What I saw in their woodlot wasn’t necessary and will take decades for it to recover.

I enjoy walking up back. Being there today reminded me of how comfortable and at peace I feel while walking around up there. At least in the sections that were walkable.

Now that I have been up back again, I know that I will be going up there more often.

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