No Running This Week – September 27, 2020

An update on how my running is going, well it is like how it isn’t going.

I haven’t run at all this week, the rib injury I sustained has made sure of that. It is an ever-present discomfort that turns to searing pain when sneezing, coughing, or doing much more than walking. If I am walking Bennie and he goes in a different direction he gets my attention very quickly.

Which means at least 1-2 more weeks before I can even think about running.

Most years, this would have me so demoralized that I would be climbing the walls. I enjoy being active and life has pretty centered around running for the past eight years. While not running has been difficult at times, it has not been nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

Yet, this enforced lay-off is forcing me to do other things, re-examine priorities, re-create another blog Harold being Harold that has nothing to do with running and generally get away from running for a while.

Which in the long run will make my running that much better when I return.

I will be fresh mentally and physically. All those little physical niggles that have accumulated over the years are beginning to bother much less. The brain is getting recharged by reading a variety of genres and not reading about running most of the time.

Although I still keep up with my Running Shoe Geeks on Facebook and even pre-ordered the Atreyu – The Artist racing shoe. So I am keeping the toes in the water, but just barely.

The reality is that

Looking back it was time to take a longer break from running than I have since my knee surgery in 2011.

While I am not enjoying the cracked ribs by any stretch of the imagination. I can see this accident having unforeseen benefits – I just have to get through the healing process first.

I will be a better runner after they heal and be more in tune with my body than I was before.

The only bad part is that this time of year is my favorite time to run. The weather is cooling down and nature’s colors are popping all around us.

Although I am starting to walk a more, it is not the same as running through nature’s paintbrush, pushing against my limits, and coming to the finish knowing that I had a great run.

I will do another update next Sunday because I am sure that I will not be running again this week.

Well…I will run only if I have a bad Harold being Harold moment. 😉

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