Can Trees Talk

This morning I was walking down-back by myself. As I came down the hill from Blake, I heard what sounded like someone having a conversation from the woods in front of me. Although I couldn’t quite make out the words, with the breeze rustling in the leaves.

Looking back to where I was on that little bump at the end of Philbrick Road

I looked around and didn’t see anyone. When I got to the corner no one was there either.

The hair stood up on the back of my neck.

If someone was in the woods I wanted to see who it was, because the landowner has had some issues down there recently. I walked over the other side of the road to look down into the woods closer.

Nobody was down there. All I could see were the tree branches of two old trees rubbing across one another.

At the same time it sounded an awful lot like they were trying to say something. The sounds coming from them that I was hearing were right on that edge of where if you listened closely it seemed as though you should understand what they’re trying to say.

Were they the ones I heard talking?

Was it my over-active imagination?

I know that I read a lot of weird stuff and most everything tends to have a rational explanation. At the same time, it is fun to let our imagination run wild for a few moments. It is part of what makes us…human.

So I stood there listening for a few minutes. Then the sounds stopped when the breeze fell back.

This time I will explain the sounds I heard as tree limbs rubbing against one another in the wind.

But still, I wonder do trees talk?

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