Making a Few Major Improvements

I have been blogging since October 2007 on multiple, actually too damn many blogs since then and while I have attempted to keep most of the posts in some manner or other. Unfortunately, far too many posts have been lost in transfers, changes of direction, deletions or other factors that I have simply lost track of too many of them.

Over the past few weeks, I was looking and asking myself how to not reinvent the wheel, but to consolidate my blogging into one site as much as possible. The big thing is that I did not want to create yet another site or blog and was thinking about how I could repurpose/clean up this site (the site URL has my name) and put together a plan that will work for the direction that I want to take it.

After thinking a lot and experimenting with several different ideas, especially since my most recent Harold being Harold episode I have a reasonable idea of how I want to use it and the direction it should go.

Does this mean yet another blog change…hell no.

No, I am keeping Time To Run Again going as my running blog and daily training log, a few articles here and there on my experiences or sharing something that I have learned about running over the years. It is not going away, but it will be linked to the Start Here page.

The Harold being Harold blog, will become more a catch-all for anything else (non-running related) going on in my life, adventures, books I want to share and yes, those “fun” episodes of Harold being Harold.

This site’s Start Here page, has become a static page that has links to Time to Run Again and Harold Being Harold (my current blogs) and also to the archives of Just A Runnah and One Foot In Reality Blogs (they will link back to the Start Here page as well).

I have zero interest in going back into professional blogging or any of that kind of stuff. Been there done that and I don’t want the hassles and headaches. My blogging is to get things out of my head, share a few adventures along my journey, write about my running and primarily have a place to write, along with having fun with my blogging.

However, I do want a single place where a visitor, regular readers or even myself can quickly go to find something that I may have written over the years with quick links to some of my more favorite posts (which will come as the static page becomes more robust) or if someone lands on one of my old blogs and wants to easily get to my current offerings, they can do so.

Which means I have done some serious updating of the theme, links, pages and then making sure that everything works how I would like it too. While I believe that I have most everything going in the correct direction, if you notice something that doesn’t quite work the way you expect to, please let me know.

Hopefully, all of this works out the way I foresee and if it doesn’t well then I will go back to the old drawing board and figure out something that will work even better. However, at this point I would prefer to only tweak a few things here or there.

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