I Will Live Through This One Too

This is one of those the Harold being Harold moments or experiences, that I quietly created this blog for.

On Wednesday, I was having a particularly great day, having run 7.0 miles, mowed the lawn, helped Mary pull the vine crop out of the garden and just had one of those days where everything was going good until…I slipped and fell in the bathtub.

Yeah, soap suds got between my feet and the bottom of the tub, which allowed me to quickly and quite forcefully bounce my right hip and right lower ribs off the side of the tub, with a sudden stop when I hit bottom. Yep, the tub won the battle and the hip and ribs took the brunt of the damage.

Definitely not one of my finest moments to say the least. It ranks right up there with taking a ride on the main boom hook-then bouncing off the safety rails and landing on a padeye back in the day, being pummeled by a rogue wave or even falling off the roof of the garage a few years back. The strange thing is it always happens to my right side and the pain does get my attention.

Another wonderful example of Harold being Harold.

This time though, I did not end up in the emergency room with concerned people around me, with orders for X-Rays, crash carts and copious amounts of painkillers. Instead the wife and I laughed at the clumsy oaf, made lots of snide remarks about my ability to bounce and hoped for the best.

So for the last three days, I have been a bit miserable and determined that the hip while still sore is going to survive with only minor bruising. However, the right lower ribs, that is a different story. My initial analysis was cracked ribs and I tend to believe that I have it pretty damn accurate this time, more than likely 2-3 ribs are cracked and causing me lots of “fun”.

Deep breathing is an adventure in how much I can endure, laughing, coughing and the hiccups really do suck. Attempting to lift much in the way of weight just is not done, quick movements in any direction result in an immediate groan of pain and walking for any length of time has become an ordeal. As only someone who has also had cracked or broken ribs can attest to.

My lazy bastard chair has become my favorite spot and now the heating pad and tylenol are regular visitors.

The generalized pain in the lower rib area has cleared itself up to some very specific and painful areas that tell me all about how angry they are. This level of pain also lets me know that I will be doing much of nothing in the way of much of anything productive physically for a while or at least until sometime next week – which for me is an eternity of forced sitting around.

No, I did not go to the doctor’s office or emergency room simply because there is not a lot they can do for cracked ribs other than give you pain meds (if you do something like falling and hurting yourself, please go to one or the other and do not be stoopid like me – let medical professionals treat you appropriately).

However, based on past experiences with pain medication (darvon, percoset, oxycontin) and my present mindset regarding prescription pain meds, I will limit the pain meds to tylenol, deal the pain and discomfort to keep me safe from more episodes of Harold being Harold. Basically, pain meds make me do stoopid shit and if I don’t feel like I am hurting, I will do more than I should creating more opportunities for Harold being Harold episodes, which I think right now would not be a great idea.

The worst is yet to come, if past experiences are any indicator. Sometime next week the pain levels will retreat to only being rather uncomfortable (which I am too familiar with and don’t pay as much attention to as I should at times). Then both the wife and I will forget that I recently was in a great deal of pain from an injury and I will attempt to go back to doing the things things that I normally do around the house.

I will live through it of course, but it will also delay the healing process by a few weeks. Oh well, you will probably hear about a few more adventures of Harold being Harold as I heal and recover from this latest setback or should I say learning experience.

Not everything is bad though, I am reading quite a bit, deleting, blocking or snoozing a lot of social media noise, writing a little more than I have for a while and haven’t gone on any prescription drug induced rants or ravings that would cause people to scratch their heads and wonder WTFO is going on with Harold now.

Right now it is all about taking things a day at a time, do the best I can over the next 6 weeks or so to get the old body fully healed and ready for the long winter that is coming full speed at us.

No, I am not enjoying this “vacation” from regular retirement and would prefer to get things back to our new normal again, sooner rather than later.


  1. Well, now you have to rest!
    A buddy of mine fell during a trail race and broke a bunch of ribs. He finished the race and eventually got an x-ray since the pain wouldn’t go away.
    When they told him he had broken ribs, he finally took some time off to heal.
    At least you don’t have to worry about snow yet.


    • Yep, not good at this resting stuff, but in the long run, it will probably be the best thing that could have happened. Although I have a feeling that coming back to where I want to be won’t be easy and I am pretty sure that some of the speed I was catching back up to, will be gone forever. heheheheee Not that I was ever that fast. No snow yet, but it got down to 36* last night, so it is not that far away. I will be healed up enough to handle the snowblower though and I did the lawn the day I busted things up. 🙂 So the timing was right as far as yard work and best of all, it will get me out of raking hehee. I will be glad though when I get to the point where coughing g and laughing are not punishments for my past sins. 🙂

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      • I could not imagine shoveling with broken ribs. It got cold here also. Had to cover the tomatoes last night and will pick as many a I can today. This is the time your body needs to heal all of those little aches and pains.

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      • I would hate to think what holding onto the snowblower would feel like today. Ouch! Not gonna lie sitting and playing on the computer and reading, is about all I can do right now without the ribs discussing what an old fool I am. 😉


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