Well This Sucks

Last night I was taking a shower, yeah I know a remarkable experience in my busy life, but even though I don’t see too many people nowadays, I still want to be somewhat presentable just in case I do actually see someone else. Besides the wife’s sense of smell is very close to a hound dog’s and when I get a bit too ripe…well you can imagine that conversation quite nicely, I have a feeling.

The culprit and the lip of the tub was not kind.

Anyways, somehow or another I was moving around in there and some soap suds (yes, I do use soap too) got between my feet and the tub, causing a definite lack of grip and a tumbling down I went. Not a damn thing I could do about it, in that split second I was heading down, I simply thought to myself “Shit, this is gonna hurt!”

Yep, it did!

Not super bad, but I knew that when my right hip and lower ribs were bouncing off the side of the tub, before my arse suddenly stopped when it hit the tub’s bottom it wasn’t gonna be good. I sat there with the water running on me, wondering, what’s broke?, what hurts?, can I get up?

Getting up was fun, right hip – sore, right elbow – split open (but not really bleeding), right lower ribs – extremely sore.

Finished up the shower and got dried off and did a bit more checking to see how injured I actually was.

  1. Elbow – sore, but working and not bleeding.
  2. Right hip – sore, but working and it has felt worse when I have run on it – so no biggie
  3. Right lower ribs – not good. No punctures or immediate black and blue, so didn’t break one off or anything. Sore as hell and hard to breath, probably cracked 2-3 of ’em. Done this fun stuff before, not fun.

Going to the doctor for cracked ribs is pretty much useless, they just give you painkillers and say you gotta deal with it for 4-6 weeks. Been there done that, so I sucked it up, took a couple of tylenol, iced the hell out of the ribs and sat in my chair not wanting to move all that much last night.

Sleeping wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be and this morning while it was very uncomfortable, I ain’t gonna die or anything. It also pretty much confirmed my initial thoughts – probably 2-3 cracked ribs or at the least very, very badly bruised and abused ones.

Either way, laughing, coughing and any sudden moves really suck right now. So of course, the wife has spent most of the morning attempting to not make me laugh and in doing so, is making me laugh more than usual. Walking the dog is rather a slow process, but one that still needs to be done.

I am not the first and won’t be the last person to have what I am pretty sure is 2-3 cracked ribs and they will heal just fine on their own. A little bit of discomfort/pain reminds me that I don’t need to be stupid and attempt to keep doing everything that I normally do. So going to the doctor to get pain medication is not necessary, especially since they can’t really do a lot for me anyways, other than charge me for the co-pays and tell me to go to the drug store to pickup a prescription that I won’t use.

I will deal with the discomfort.

Unfortunately, I was just getting in back shape and here I am on the shelf again. This time for a stupid injury that really wasn’t running related, well sort of. If I hadn’t run 7.0 miles yesterday and then mowed the lawn, I wouldn’t have been as tired, wouldn’t have needed a shower and this wouldn’t have happened. So it might be a little related to being a running injury. 😉

3-6 weeks of no running, lifting stuff or doing other things that bother the right side of my body. The good news is that this enforced time off will make it so that some of the other stuff that needs time to actually heal, will get a chance – finally.

Some good will come of this other than Mary chuckling about some clumsy oaf in the shower and then making that clumsy oaf laugh and be miserable while laughing.

Compared to everything going on in the world today, this is pretty damn minor, but is sure as is inconvenient as hell. Gonna make the best of it though and keep moving forward.

What else can I do? Sit around mope and be miserable? That ain’t me and serves zero purpose, I will do what I can, but hopefully not have too many more bad episodes of Harold being Harold this year.

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