Goodbye Barb – September 11, 2020

I got word this morning that my younger sister Barb died. She has been battling health related issues for several years and her body finally gave out.

Photo by Karen Olson

Although she and I were not as close as we once were, not due to any falling out or anything, but more just living the lives that we have chosen and the paths we took.

We each went in our separate directions over the years and while we stayed connected via social media, it is not the same. Social media has its evils, but in this case it was a good thing, because it allowed her to share your life in Texas and also gave me glimpses of Dwight and the grandchildren as well.

That is the way of the world for many us and while it is not what we always want, it is the way life has turned out for us.

I do want to take a minute and thank Karen and Mike Olson, along with the rest of their family for making Barb a part of their family. You all made a huge difference in her life and we were so fortunate to have you in her life and ours.

There is so much more I could say about Barb, the memories, the conversations, hunting stories, but right now the words are not there to share.

It is a strange feeling to have a younger sibling die, you kind of expect as the older brother that you would be the one to cross over the bridge first, but it is not always the case.

Barb, you lived a good life, your families loved you, and you made so many great friends throughout your life. The biggest thing was that you made a difference to the people who knew and loved you.

I will miss you sis.

Barb with Dwight.

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