Initial Thoughts

No big hoopla or fanfare, just gonna go from here and have some fun.

Have you ever needed a place where you could just plunk down and share your thoughts about what it feels like to be you. The you that has interests, ideas, or thoughts that seem almost counter intuitive at times to everything else going on in our lives.

You know that one who wants to write that fantasy novel, play the violin, be 10 pounds lighter, learn to draw/paint, study philosophy, learn more about myths and legends, visiting the old Country, finding a AD&D old school gaming group, spirituality, religion, and all those other thoughts bouncing around in our heads that we never seem to get around to actually researching, thinking about or ever doing.

That is what this blog is going to be about, all those wonderful thoughts that I have bouncing around in my head and the rabbit holes that I tend to go down while overthinking whatever it is I am thinking about. There probably won’t be a lot of rhyme or reason connecting the disparate themes that will emerge other than they are coming from inside my noggin.

Also, after one gets their sixth decade of life, I also know that death is something that I must face more openly. Statistically, I likely have a couple of decades left before the Grim Reaper has his way and I cross the bridge to wherever. So I have many thoughts about that particular subject and want to explore what I and others think about dying.

What I am attempting to say in my long-winded way is that this blog is going to be where I get to put those random thoughts about my life and even a few dreams of things that I want to bring into my life before I journey across the bridge, while being prodded onward by a person with a scythe and dressed in a black hooded robe.

Yeah, I will get to write more about the journey that I am on and a peek into Harold being Harold. There will be no particular schedule to when I post here, it will be a lot more like when the muse whacks me upside the head that I will get to write something down that she wants me to share with you.

The journey begins or is it the journey simply continues.

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