The New Routine – RunLog August 25, 2020

Okay a day and a dollar short again, but here is yesterday’s workout. 🙂

I figured out how I want to start the new non-running routine and am going to go with ChiPose stuff on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Strength work on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, with Sundays being left as a free day to do whatever to hell I want (rest, long run, short run, race, etc.).

Of course when I worked out it was the sunniest, hottest, muggiest part of the day, so when I finished up I looked as though I had gone swimming. As I walked up the driveway after finishing the run, the sun decided to disappear, the clouds moved in and a few hours later we had a pretty good thunderstorm blow through.

Before running, I did the ChiRunning warm-up and Running Rewired Hips circuit. Then I did 50 No Rope Skips (practicing for skipping rope). Notice I said before running – that is important.

The run was an easy paced 4.0 miler doing laps out in front of the house, I didn’t feel like battling either Stevens or Philbrick Hills and just wanted time on my feet in the 89% humidity. Even so my mile splits were all within 8 seconds of the fastest and slowest splits, but if you looked at the Strava graphy my pace was all over the place – what else is new.

My cadence is slower, but the paces seem a little faster and easier lately, which I attribute more to working on my posture than anything else. Also I am finding that putting a golf ball under my right foot’s Tailor’s Bunionette for 3 minutes is helping it feel better and when I am sitting at the table, I can have my foot going straight and actually have the big toe be on the floor. That is something I have not been able to do for years.

So some of the work I am doing is paying off in little ways, that I have to think about before I notice the differences. They are gradual changes, but I have been working on this stuff for just about a month now and sometimes it is the little things that make a big difference in how we run. Now to get the cadence up into the 170s even on easy runs versus just when I am running faster and I think other things will fall into place too.

The other thing is that I have to do the strength, plyo, strides or stability work before my runs, because if I do not there is a 90% probability that I will bag the workout and just walk away. About the only thing I want to do after a run is some foam rolling, car polisher massage and relaxing while having a drink of water.

Overall, a nice workout and run, plus I even got most of the lawn mowed before the storm rolled through.

I also got in my Timex Ironman watch, which I will be using a bit more often than the GPS watches. They will get used, but more at the times I think they are the correct tool for the planned workout, which means they will not be used everyday.

You notice that I didn’t say a word about the shoes, I wore the Beacon 2 #2 and they just work for me on the roads.

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