Day 1 of The Harold Running Plan – runLog August 22, 2020

Today’s run was a good 4.0 miler, in my Beacon v2s #2 where the upper legs didn’t feel too bad, but they are still bothering more than I want them too. However, progress is being made and they are getting better, so I am happy with that.

New Balance Beacon 2 #2

It feels good to be running with the aches and pains being the usual ones versus something new and exciting, well if you call the right Periformis attempting to strangle the Sciatic nerve exciting. Now it is just getting other things back under control.

If you read my post from yesterday where I discussed what has been going on, you know that I have been a bit frustrated lately, but at the same time I feel that I am making progress in learning more about what works and doesn’t work for me as a runner and athlete (which I believe I still am). Which is what I want to continue to do, no matter how old I get to be as a runner, I still want to be trying new things and not just doing what everyone else is doing. I will always be an experiment of one.

Time to begin-agin

Okay, time to enter into new territory with the running methods experiment. In my infinite wisdom or should I say my all-knowing nothingness there are things that I like and don’t like about both the ChiRunning and Pose running methods, so I am going to attempt to take the parts that work for me from both and throw in a shot of Jay Dicharry’s advice (to really humble me), then attempt to mix it all together and see what happens.

Which means that things will most likely be a convoluted mess until I figure things out a bit more.

First up Re-Read Pose Lesson 4 again – This is where I think the Pose Method will get a bit more interesting and also harder for me to just do.

While conventional thinking has dictated that the force that drives a runner forward into the flight phase requires pushing off the ground, I maintain that the natural way to run requires just the opposite. You accomplish flight by pulling your support foot off the ground at the end of the falling phase, before your lead foot lands again in the running Pose. You pull into Pose to fall, to pull again. Pose is pull’s target.

The Running Revolution eBook by Dr. Nicholas Romanov, location 1410


Today I am going to focus on pulling my foot up versus pushing off to achieve the flight phase of my stride.

ChiRunning warm-up and added in 20 body weight squats, 1×10 forward hang-on squat lunges (my balance and leg strength are not quite there when it comes to doing unassisted lunges, so I have to touch something to retain my balance while I dip with the front leg). I forgot to do the leg swings, which I will do next time.

Completed the three Pose body weight perception drills springiness position, running in place 30 seconds, and hold the running Pose 3×20 seconds on each leg.

Completed 3×5 reps of the wall-fall drill from the springiness position and the running Pose with each leg.

Completed 3×5 reps timber drill on each support leg from the Pose position.

Completed 3×10 butt kicks and change of support drill reps .

Went for a 0.51/4:36 short run focusing on the pull. Well not really, it was more just a warm-up run where I focused on running more freely than I have in a while. I did work a little on the forefoot landing and even attempted to pull a few times. I don’t really think that I did focus on what I was supposed to, but it just felt good to run with a lot lower level of discomfort than I have in a while. That is the most important thing for now is to run comfortably, so I can focus on working on the pull portion of a run. Tomorrow I will do better, today was more a get acquainted with the drills for lesson 4.

After my 4.0 miler, I attempted to do the Dicharry Hip Circuit Workout and while I could do some of the routines, my lack of leg strength does not allow me to do any of them well. However, I tried and I know that I will get better with repetition. Although the Burpees almost got me to quit, but I persevered and finished 10 sort of decent ones. While the video is only 5 or so minutes, I stopped it several times because I simply couldn’t keep up with the pace it was being shown at.

All in all attempting to perform the exercises in the video was quite a humbling experience, because I thought that I was in decent shape and it definitely showed me how badly out of shape I actually am.

When that video was done, I was quite ready for the foam roller and car polisher to massage the old legs.

While I didn’t do quite as well as I thought I would this morning in some parts of my workout. I do know that I will get better and the amount of discomfort I am feeling in the hamstrings, will lessen as I work more on strengthening my hips, upper legs and glutes.

A pretty good start to things if I say so myself.

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