2.0 More and First Run NB Beacon V2 #2 – RunLog August 12, 2020

More progress with the right leg woes. No, it is not 100% – more like 60%, but I will take runnable over whatever was going on last week. Which means that I got 2.0 miles in at a comfortable pace, out in pretty warm conditions this morning. Nothing fast or spectacular, but it was a good run.

I did work on my posture more before and during the run and could feel the difference in how I was running or at least to me it feels different – a video will tell the truth, but I will wait until next week to see where I am with things before getting the video done.

After three days of working on my posture, I am beginning to notice when I do not stand, walk or run with good posture. It is more a feeling of something not being quite correct or right than knowing what I am doing wrong at this point. I have found myself stopping and adjusting my posture back to where I think it should be according to the videos I have watched on Chi Running.

Today was the first day of running in my New Balance Beacon 2 #2. This is the second pair of Beacon 2s that I have run in and the fourth pair overall. The Beacon line just seems to fit and do well for me on runs up to 8-10 miles, but then seem to get a little too firm, so I like a different shoe for longer than that runs. Which means right now it is not an issue.

Another pair of Beacon 2s

How did they do? No issues and they felt like Beacons. A very good thing.

After the run, I did the Running Yoga video with Adrienne and sweat up a storm. Just as I was getting ready to do my foam rolling, the wife made an offer I couldn’t resist – to go for a walk with her. We try to walk together once or twice a day and when she comes out and asks if I want to walk with her, I take the time to do it. I consider that “our time”.

A good day and the right leg is improving slowly.


  1. I’ve done one of those Yoga with Adrienne runner’s yoga videos each of the last two weeks. I knew I need to work on my mobility but holy cow I didn’t realize it was that bad. Haha. I hope I keep it as part of my routine.

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    • I started on Monday and I gotta agree with you Scott, I didn’t realize how much my flexibility resembles two 2×4’s nailed together. It will get better, but getting there will be a journey all of its own. 🙂 However, I know we both will get there and be better runners because of it. 🙂


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