Pose Method Day 4 – RunLog August 6, 2020

Okay, the right butt cheek/upper right leg is still bothering enough that I wouldn’t be running on it right anyway, so the continuing onward and upward with the Pose Method looks even better than it did when I started. Although I have to admit, the discomfort in my arse is a pain in the arse when it comes to doing most of the leg stretches in the warm-up activity.

Which means…drumroll please, that I won’t be doing the stuff that causes more discomfort.

Although it is a beautiful day up here in Maine and I would love to get out and do about 10 miles of just running this morning.

Well let’s get to it, it is time to start the repeat of lessons, so I am back to Lesson one and getting back in touch with my feet. Actually, it is probably a good thing to go back and re-do the previous lessons. I can now see how they relate to lessons further down the line and focus in more on something that I might have missed or skipped over the first time that turns out that it was important in the overall scheme of moving to the Pose Method.

Focus Preparation

Getting in touch with my feet and working on my springiness position.

  • 5 – shifts from regular standing posture to springiness position
  • Drill 1 – Body weight perception x 3
  • Drill 2 – Body weight perception x 3
  • I am not going to filming due to the injury and how it is affecting my running form negatively
  • Go for a short run – depending on the discomfort levels of the Periformis
  • 8 reps for each strength exercise

Post-session Review

That rather sucked, I purposely didn’t push on the leg portion of the warm-up activity and worked on lesson 1, but when I went outside for the practical part of the lesson, let’s just say, the right arse cheek and upper leg were damned grumpy about it. Which took all the enjoyment of doing this running stuff right away.

Sometime it is just the way it works and you just have to make the best of the hand you are dealt and know when to fold ‘um.

I probably should shut things down for a week or only focus on learning the drill, the right leg just ain’t getting a whole lot better very quickly and makes it difficult to put into practice on the 1-2 minute runs anything that I learn. So until I get leg feeling a LOT better, I need to put a lot of stuff running related on hold.

Too bad to because today was an absolutely gorgeous day for running here in Central Maine.

Yeah, it sucks, but better to do it now that have to keep going through it a month from now. 🙂

One step forward, half a step back and yep, I will keep doing what I can, but right now that is not a whole lot.

One comment

  1. Unsolicited advice so take it for what it’s worth, and of course IANAD. But I’ve gone around a few times with piriformis and sciatica and my big rule for it is to stop p***ing it off. A nerve that’s inflamed is much more sensitive to re-injury than when it’s healthy. If it hurts, it’s getting tweaked again and not healing. That includes “just testing” it. 🙂

    But it sounds like you’re off to a pretty good start with the pose method. Setbacks and detours are part of the process for anything. I’m still following along to see how it goes for you.


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