Pose Method – Day 2 – August 4, 2020

Happy U.S. Coast Guard Day! The other time in my life where I felt a part of something that was good and meaningful. Semper Paratus as we celebrate the oft times forgotten military service’s birthday today. It will always have a special place in my heart and life.

USCGC SPAR (WLB 403) – Happy Coast Guard Day

The Coast Guard was more than a job, it was a lifestyle and one that I do miss. Happy Coast Guard Day to all past and present Coasties. Ah the life of a Puddle Pirate.

Back to talking about Running.

Getting back to my progress with the Pose Method. Today I move on to Lesson 2 – The Running Pose which gives the basic information on how Dr. Romanov believes that there is a universal biomechanical structure to running and that the “running Pose is one of the three invariable elements of running — the foundational elements that every human body passes through when running.”

His definition. “The running Pose is the moment when your full boy weight, combined with the increased load created by the speed of your running, meets the ground.”

Focus Preparation

Drills: The Running Pose and three sets of the Pose Hold Drill

I am a little sore from yesterday’s pre-activity work and hoping that today’s session will loosen up a few of the tight spots I am feeling.

A 1-2 minute run, attempting to replicate the running Pose each time I land. Yeah, I actually get to run a little.

8 reps of each strength exercise.

Post Session Review

The pre-activity stretching and activities went a lot smoother today, I won’t say that the I did any better, but I knew more about what to expect and did feel lost attempting to follow the video. The jumps felt smoother and while the body wasn’t really into the stretches it seemed to help to do them today. Although the right Periformis was too thrilled by all this stretching stuff.

How did it feel different from simply standing on two legs? Proprioception is something I have worked on, so the standing on one leg was not a new thing and maintaining my balance for the 20 seconds when I was focused was not an issue.

Did you struggle to maintain balance and alignment? At the 18 second mark on 3-4 of the Pose holds I would struggle to maintain balance. I did several more than the 3 times the book called for to ensure that I had the Pose correctly.

Which muscles felt strongest, and which the weakest, when you shifted pressure around your foot and when you held the Pose position? When Posing on my left foot and lifting my right leg, my right hip would clench almost to a cramp. I have had a history of issues with my right hip and and in the process of getting over a Periformis flare-up.

On the run, I felt very awkward attempting to run with more of a forefoot and keeping a Pose. Everything just felt off, way off. Plus the Periformis wasn’t cooperating and was letting me know that it was not happy. I managed to run for 1:12 and.12, which is not as good as I planned, but better than zero. It will take a while for this to feel anywhere near comfortable, but I have the time and the Periformis is no where near ready to start running seriously yet, so I am using it to experiment.

What are your goals for your next training session? I want to re-watch the Romanov video on the pre-activity warm-up there are still a couple of the moves that I want to double-check how I am doing them and I will move on to Lesson 3 tomorrow and then repeat the sequence again.

I did ride the bike 4.0 miles down to Wildwood, but after I stopped to talk with Shawn and Christine (they had finished running and Shawn looked like he was gonna die), I forgot to turn on the Garmin again until after I turned around. Oh well, no biggie.

Now to get ready for the tropical storm that is going visit us this evening.

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