5.0 More to the Total – RunLog July 23, 2020

Did this run count or not, Garmin is down and I haven’t gotten around to uploading the data file to Strava and probably will not. Either way, it is in my official spreadsheet log and I am writing about it on my blog, so I guess that is close enough for my needs.

Planned run – Do Middle Road at an easy pace and if I felt really great go for my Shepard Road segment, then trot along nicely for the rest of the 5.0 miles.

It didn’t feel that hot when I started, but even though I was wearing my NB 1400 v6s I didn’t even attempt to go for the Shepard Road segment. The legs were still feeling tight and a bit sore from earlier in the week, so I just trotted along comfortably. Probably a good choice by the time I finished 3.0 miles the sweat had me looking like I had been swimming.

I am finding that not wearing a hat is working better for me mentally. I don’t seem as likely to bag a run when I don’t see the sweat raining down off the brim of the cap. A good thing.

Overall, a decent run where the first 2.0 miles were good and then I slowed down on each of the remaining 3.0 miles. Not unsurprising since I was sweating so much.

The good news was that I got to watch some baseball and realized how much I did miss it. Although while it wasn’t on, I found a lot of other things to keep me occupied, but it is just one of those things that has been a routine part of my summer for so many years.

Now to see how long it takes Garmin to get things squared away and to see what happened and how much of our personal data has been compromised. There are rumors that it was a ransom ware attack, we will see. If they are not forthcoming and transparent about what happened and their actions to resolve the problem, I have a feeling that I will go in a different direction with my GPS watch when I update next time. I do have a long memory for issues like this.

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