Still Sweaty – RunLog July 22, 2020

Bennie’s long walk was pretty exciting this morning. As we passed the lower gate, I could see this critter crossing the road up ahead. When I focused in on it, I saw that it was a Bobcat. Pretty cool, I did see it turn its head towards us and it melted into the woods. When we got up to where it crossed the road, Bennie’s nose began to twitch and he started to pull to go into the woods to investigate the little kitty. Instead I short-leashed him along a bit until he relaxed and agreed it was time to keep walking.

About a half mile down the road a deer calmly walked into the road about 100 yards ahead of us. Bennie saw it and started barking, so it deigned to look upon us and sauntered into the woods, like we were not even there. Of course Bennie was bound and determined to get up to that spot as fast as possible and had four paw drive in full gear. All he got was good sniffs, not even a deer berry in sight – thankfully.

No photos of either critter, as suddenly as they appear, they disappear.

After we got back home, it was time for a recovery run after yesterday’s unenthusiastic No Track Tuesday workout. I figured on doing 4-5 miles at a comfortable pace. While the temps were not too bad, the humidity was still enough that I was sweating decently just walking Bennie, so I figured it would be a nice and slow run.

It was.

I went down to Wildwood and just maintained a decently steady pace, with the usual slowdown going up Stevens Hill.

Then I added on a lap up on top to get my 5.0 miles in. I did pick up the pace when I got to my No Track Quarter mile starting point. I didn’t push too hard, but I was able pull out a 1:48, which ain’t too bad for the end of a 5.0 miler in the humidity.

No the Beacon v1’s might never be super shoes or anything like that, but I do run well in them. They are quiet, comfortable and just work with me when I run.

A nice recovery run with a little bite of speed at the end just to wake the legs up again. It seems to help because when I got done running the glutes loosened up quite a bit – finally.

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