No Track Tuesday – July 21, 2020

I could stop here and just say…maybe next week and it would say pretty much everything I want to say about this workout. But of course I won’t.

What I think happened is that the mini heat wave we have had for the past few days, just caught up with me this morning and when you add in a pair of shoes that have bothered my glutes on and off for a while that I have been running in a lot more lately. Well it all adds up to a crappy workout.

It wasn’t bad, but at the same time it wasn’t good either.

Lap #1TimePaceRemarks
1 – 0.261:446:40
2 – 0.261:496:59
3 – 0.261:547:18
4 – 0.261:527:10
5 – 0.261:567:26
6 – 0.261:597:37
7 – 0.261:597:37
1 – 0.49Segment is messed up
2 – 0.49Segment is messed up

Not really the times I was expecting, but for some reason, I just felt half-a-step off the entire run. It was hot enough that I took off my tank top and went shirtless. I know that a couple of drivers were blinded by the reflection.

I was doing a cool-down lap when Mary started to catch up with me on her bike. So of course I went ahead and raced her to our mailbox. I almost kept ahead, but I think she slowed down. Didn’t want to kill the husband quite yet, dontcha know. 😉 It was actually a good way to end the session, because it showed me that I had been sandbagging most of the workout.

Shoes: I decided to go ahead and play with the Skechers GoRun Razor 3s – size 8.5s. I tore out the stock insole (it was bothering my right foot), found a big glue spot under it, so I worked on reducing that. Also changed the laces and lacing, which helped the side pressure a little on the right foot as well.

I ran decently, but to be honest there was not a lot of pop when toeing off in them. I am a bit spoiled by the Zoom Fly SPs and the changes that I did make made the Razor 3s feel more like very light trainers. So I have a feeling that they will become my tempo trainers and that I will keep the SPs and 1400s as my go faster shoes.

Another change that I am going to make is to put the GlideRides out to pasture. My glutes take a beating in these shoes and have since I started wearing them. I thought that at some point that my arse muscles would finally strengthen up enough to handle the different stride that the GlideRides bring to my table, but with almost 300 miles on them, I still notice my glutes way too much after running in them.

Today was just the final straw.

Oh well, great shoes, just not the right ones for the way that I run.

I did do an Epsom Salt bath tonight and afterwards, the glutes feel better, but I have a feeling it will take a few days for them to stop complaining.

Overall, the speedwork today wasn’t THAT bad, I have had worse sessions, but at the same time it was more my head not being into the run because of the heat and the way the old body felt today.

However, I am not going to beat myself up over it, I know that I will have another chance next week to do it again. Plus today, I did throw in a couple of .50, just to get myself used to going a little longer. I guess eventually I will get to a track, but for now my quarter mile and half mile repeat areas are keeping me at least thinking about running faster one day a week.

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