One Mile too Many – RunLog July 20, 2020

Yesterday, I took the day off, which seems to be a theme lately. Sundays are becoming my off day of the week. If I have my 30 miles, I feel zero pressure or motivation to get off my arse to add on a few more miles to the weekly total. Especially, when by the time I usually run it was already and 80/80 day. In those temps and humidity, I just wilt and they become more of a slog than a run. So I mowed the lawn instead, got hot and sweaty anyway.

Last night Mary and I talk about how hot it was going to be this morning and decided that running at our usual 9-10 A.M. would be miserable. We figured that if we got out the door when we finished the before breakfast morning routine, it wouldn’t be as bad.

Well…I have a feeling that running at 7:00 A.M. made the run more enjoyable than it would have been at 10:00 A.M., but it certainly was not a walk in the park!

The first couple of miles were decent, although it was humid enough that my glasses kept fogging up and finally, I had to put them in my flip belt. By the time I got to 2.0 miles, my shirt had the big sweat stain from neck to stomach going. I kept plugging away, slowing down a bit it seemed with each step after the 2.0 mile mark.

By the time I got to 3.0 miles, it looked as though I had gone swimming and going up Stevens Hill I had to walk a ways. I could feel the heart rate ramping up pretty good and when it does that I am more careful than I used to be. One of those concessions to aging. I don’t mind the idea of being found on the side of the road someday, but I ain’t quite ready for that to happen today. 😉

So I slow down or walk more in high heat/humidity conditions than I used to.

Once I started running again, a bit slower, but still didn’t feel quite right, so I slowed to a walk again. Once I got on the tar, I began to run again and finished it off.

The last mile was pretty miserable, but I ran smart and didn’t attempt to do too much. Which is when we get ourselves in trouble. Also when I got done, I walked about a quarter mile, just to let the body transition back to not running. I am finding that even a short walk after I finish running seems to help me recover better and allows the body to just feel better.

I did run in the ASICS GlideRides and while they were fine, I do notice that my glutes seem to bother more during and after running in them. I am pretty sure that I would not get another pair though. While I can run in the GlideRides, I don’t really enjoy running in them. They seem to guide me to run differently than my body wants to and at times the GlideRides seem to get in the way of how my body runs, which makes them…well not quite what I am looking for.

This was not a great run, but one that I did finish and have the rest of the day to relax inside, well when not going for a walk. No outside work today that is for sure.


  1. This year the heat seems to take more out of me.
    A few weeks ago I ran a hot virtual half marathon on a Friday morning. I felt hung over for almost two days!
    I’m pretty good with hydrating, so I’m probably not getting dehydrated.
    I’ve always enjoyed running in the heat, but this summer has been tough. Must be getting old!
    You were smart to get out early.

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    • Yeah, each year we get older the heat seems to become more of a impediment to good running, but soon it will be Fall and it will be nice running again. Just no races in the picture for a while.


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