A Bit of A Funk – July 18, 2020

I have to admit that I have been in a bit of a funk over the past three-four days. Nothing serious mind ya, just a got caught up in a case of the blahs and we have also been out back clearing brush. Which means I/we have been breathing in a lot rotting stuff from the vegetation, downed trees and muck that we have been working in and around.

Looking out over the Kennebec River Valley. Those are clouds and fog

So the body is sore from the weight-lifting, the lungs bother, while the head is fuzzy from whatever we are breathing in. In other words just another week of keeping busy to keep busy. I really think that this clearing brush stuff is less about making the yard look better and more about keeping busy and outside when the weather is decent.

All I know is that it definitely is more productive than wailing on and on about what is happening on Twitter or Facebook. Both of which I have purposely reduced my time wandering around and getting involved in useless conversations or getting overly worried about things that I can’t control.

Yes, I have been running, but not motivated at all to write about what I’ve done all that much.

Wednesday – An easy 4.0 miler after my tough No Track Tuesday workout.

Thursday – I did a faster 10K out to Goodhue and back. It turned into a 5.0 mile progression run and then an easier last mile. Just something about running in the Beacon v1s that feel right.

Friday – I ran with Mary for the first time in a long time. It was not a fast run, so I focused on form and working on landing a little more forefoot. I just am not all that impressed with the GlideRides lately, it seems that either my right foot is getting wider or something, because I can’t seem to get it comfortable like they were when I first started running in them. Some runs are great, some runs suck. I will keep them in the rotation until they get to 300 miles and then they will probably go away. I am not sure what is the problem between how they felt the first 150 miles and how they have been feeling since then???

So that get me caught back up on the running log stuff.

Although I am noticing that my COVID-19 hairdo is getting pretty shaggy.

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