No Track Tuesday – RunLog July 13, 2020

Actually, a pretty decent day for a harder run.

Planned run and focus: 8 x .26 and some 2 telephone pole strides

The Run

  • Course: Philbrick No Track
  • Weather: Mostly cloudy (hell it was heavy cloud cover), 72*F feels like 73*F Humidity 85%, Wind 8mph from NE
  • Distance: 6.07
  • Time: 54:42
  • Pace: 9:00
Lap #TimePaceRemarks
51:496:59Went to cruisin, not pushing
10:4410:33Switched to two telephone pole repeats
40:256:00Just couldn’t get the legs without stumbling

I seem to have hit a plateau, my times are staying right about in the same range and have to do a bit more with my strides and drills if I want to get a bit faster. Then again, I purposely relax and don’t push quite as hard after the first four repeats. Which sometimes end up a little faster. Which means I have to relax the body more on the first ones.

I think next time I might do 4 x 2 telephone poles first and then try the quarters or maybe move to a lap around Howard Circle which is just over a 0.5 to change things up. I seem to be able to get one repeat within a couple of seconds of my CR, but that is all. Plus I have a feeling if I was running with other people I might do a little better also.

Maybe I will ask Mary to push me by riding her bike beside me as a pacer and see if I can improve or break through this plateau I am riding.

Then again, I am running well, not injuring myself and have zero races on the horizon so maybe I should just leave well enough alone and ride the plateau for a while longer.

Shoes: Nike Zoom Fly SP – No issues, no complaints, they just did everything they were supposed to do and did it well.

Anything else:

Nope, nothing.

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