Figuring Something Out – RunLog July 8, 2020

Planned run and focus: 3-4 miles at recovery effort and a test run on my No-track quarter-mile course to check out my theory about where the finish line actually is. Also try out the Inspire 15s with the elastic laces in them to see how the change works.

The Run

I decided to do a Bartlett 4.0 miler and while doing my 100-ups to warm-up, it felt like I actually had some spring in my step for a change. However, after how I felt yesterday and especially how felt after the run, I wanted to go easy.

The splits were about where I planned on them being just over 9:00 minute pace and everything felt the best that it had in quite a while. I focused on a little forward lean, raising up my knees a bit higher and a little more focus on toe-off. I couldn’t maintain it the entire run, but I got further than I have for a while.

Even though the humidity was high, I felt good going up the hills, though the Strava graph still shows me slowing way down coming up Stevens, even though it didn’t feel like I slowed down THAT much. 😉 Like they say the numbers don’t lie, but damn, sometimes they sure do not resemble how I felt going up the hills. Oh well, just keep plugging along up those hills.

When I got back to our mailbox I ditched the hat, I wonder if during the summer months wearing a hat can be as much a detriment, since they trap heat trying to escape and end up soaked in the process, which in turn slows the cooling off the old noggin. Maybe it is more that my hats are not that much summer weight and I need to get a visor or two.

  • Course: Bartlett 4.0 miler
  • Weather: Overcast, 68°F, Feels like 69°F, Humidity 92%, Wind 7mph from S
  • Distance: 4.12
  • Time: 37:34
  • Pace: 9:08


  • 1.0 – 9:15
  • 2.0 – 9:01
  • 3.0 – 9:36
  • 4.0 – 8:46


Mizuno Inspire 15 – The change to the elastic laces seemed to help with the annoying bottom of the feet stuff going on, it didn’t get to the point where it was annoying, so that was good. However, once I finished I noticed a hot spot under my right ankle and during my .5 cool-down walk it developed into a blister. Not exactly what I wanted or expected from changing out the laces.

After I got home I went ahead and took a pair of pliers to the outside of the heel counter in an effort to make it a little more pliable versus the hard surface that it is. Looking back I have had this issue with other Mizuno shoes and that is how I quickly resolved it. I hope that it does and that this becomes a non-issue very quickly because I am starting to really like the Inspire 15s.

Anything else:

I did a sort of faster last quarter to check my hypothesis on where the end of my quarter-mile segment actually is according to Strava.

So I wonder how different my quarter mile times will look if I run through to the end of the segment? I will find out next Tuesday. 🙂

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