No Track Tuesday – RunLog June 30, 2020

Well it did slow down to a fine mist and the road did start to dry a little while I was running this morning, but after finishing up the rains came back. That 100% humidity was a tough slog.

All I can say that Mother Nature is not doing anything halfway or moderately this year. We had no rain for the all the month of June (at least) and the last two days it is has rain pretty much the last two days. Not complaining, but just saying.

The Run

Planned run and focus: 12x.26 at about 80-90% effort.

  • Course: No Track Tuesday – Philbrick Road
  • Weather: Overcast, 65°F, Feels like 66°F, Humidity 100%, Wind 7mph from NE 
  • Distance: 6.17
  • Time: 58:50
  • Pace: 9:31


Lap #TimePaceComment
Q41:567:26Caught up with Mary on this lap
Q81:587:33Decided to shut quarters down

4 0:54 7:08 Running on empty and just shut it down

What did I do well?

I ran faster than my usual daily runs.

Had water pit stops at miles 3.0 and 5.0

Didn’t dig into the well and walked away healthy.

Maintained form and good focus from the first repeat to the last one.

Decided to shut it down after the 4th 200, the tank was drained dry, even though I was soaked through from head-to-toes. Sweat was pretty bad.

What do I need to work on?

Running in the 100% humidity and against that 7 mph headwind on the repeats kicked my butt. I knew I was going to be in trouble when my warm-up mile was a 9:28 and it felt like I was working super hard for that.

Finishing the workout as planned even if the repeat times get slower and slower.

I tried to tell myself that the repeats were in the 7:10 – 7:20 range, errrrr not really.


New Balance Beacon v1 – Felt comfortable the entire run and didn’t feel beat up after. Had good traction on the wet parts of the road and did not affect how fast or slow I was running. Normally when I have a significant drop in the pace like this I would blame it on the shoes, but I have figured things out enough to know this was one of those days where I was fatigued going in, the stomach a bit upset and the weather played a huge factor. I did better in them than I would have in any of the other shoes I have, so I still feel pretty good about them.

What was I thinking?

That it was miserably humid and I just wanted to get it over with.

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