Getting Acclimated – RunLog June 27, 2020

I really do not get too worked up about shutting down a run in the summer, it is something that I have learned to do the hard way. Having to sit down under a tree down-back to get the body back under control is not productive and brings out way too many mosquitoes and horseflies to suck your blood.

At times we all simply suck it up and slog a run home, unfortunately, doing that is not usually productive. We try to claim it promotes mental toughness, after all we didn’t stop running despite the nastiness. Whereas I tend to think that all it does is train the body to slog versus run or worse expose myself to medical crap in the heat.

Yes, I ran yesterday. An abbreviated Middle Road Loop where I melted in the sun on the Middle Road and shut it down a mile out. I maintained a decent pace through the 4.0 miles, but the 5th one would have been a slog, so instead I just walked a mile to cool down. It was a good choice.

So if I am doing a particular training run in the heat and I don’t feel right, I shut it down and go out to run another day.

Today the sun was not quite as bright when I headed out the door, so today was another day. 🙂

The Run

Planned run and focus: 5.0 Mile run out to Notta Road and back. Just keeping things steady, comfortable and keep breaking in the Inspire 15s.

  • Course: Goodhue 10K
  • Weather: Mostly Cloudy, 76°F, Feels like 76°F, Humidity 61%, Wind 6 mph from SSW, when I finished the temp was 83*F
  • Distance: 6.20
  • Time: 55:10
  • Pace: 8:54


  • 1.0 – 9:06 – warm-up
  • 2.0 – 8:30 – 5 x fartlek
  • 3.0 – 8:52 – 4 x fartlek
  • 4.0 – 8:57 – 4 x fartlek
  • 5.0 – 8:20 – faster mile
  • 6.0 – 9:38 – cool-down
  • 0.2 – 8:58 – just finish the damn thing

What did I do well?

Changing the workout on the fly, from a comfortable 5.0 mile ramble to more of a 1-2 telephone pole fartlek and whatever I needed to recover, after I got on the tar at Tiffany. I went completely by feel and didn’t attempt any land speed records, just pushing the pace a little more for a short distance. Looking at my Strava graph I ended up doing 13 of the pickups.

Coming back the breeze felt a little stronger than 6 mph, but when I got to mile 4.0, I picked up the pace to what I thought was 8:30-8:40 range. For most of the mile I maintained a good focus and worked on running comfortably in the Inspire 15s, when the watched buzzed that I had finished mile 5.0 I was pleasantly surprised at the 8:20 pace announcement. I really thought with the breeze, heat/humidity and stuff that it would be a LOT slower.

While doing a tougher workout, I didn’t over do it either. I kept a close watch on how I was feeling to make sure I didn’t do anything stoopid. It is also why I shut it down the last mile and made it an easy cool-down mile.

What do I need to work on?

Keep working on the mental focus and form checks to help me avoid some of the worst habits I have.

Carry water when I know it is going to be humid and hot.


Mizuno Inspire 15 – They did everything comfortably and well. I can run faster in them, but they are not shoes that I would not chose to race for a fast time in. They are working well as mileage hogs that I can move a little quicker in from time-to-time if I really want to. No foot issues at all.

What was I thinking?

By doing the fartleks I got my mind off crap stuff and had to focus more on running correctly and how I was recovering from each of the pickups and to get ready for the next one. It was a good thing.

After the first mile I was able to keep focused on my running.

That is the big reason that I changed the workout in the first place. I was getting bogged down in the political theater that is this election season again during the first mile and that was going to make for a shitty run if I had not changed things up.

Tougher run and I am slowly acclimating to the heat/humidity.

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