Crappy Running Mechanics err Form – RunLog June 20, 2020

Yes, it is still warm outside and I almost decided not to run today after walking Bennie and sweating like a stuck pig. Fortunately, after I cooled off I decided to go ahead and just run comfortably while staying in the shade as much as possible.

After the run was over I did video myself running and was dismayed at what I saw. I knew that my running form/mechanics were not great, but…well let’s just say time and injuries have not been kind.

The Run

Planned run and focus: 3-4 Miles at a comfortably slow pace in my Razor 3-8.5s on the shadiest route I could find. I am purposely attempting to not run in the same shoes on consecutive days.

  • Course: Bartlett – HC 4.0 Miler
  • Weather: Sunny, 86*F, feels like 90*F, Humidity 56%, Wind 2 mph NW
  • Distance: 4.07
  • Time: 36:50
  • Pace: 9:03


  • 1.0 – 8:44
  • 2.0 – 8:43
  • 3.0 – 9:42
  • 4.0 – 9:04

What did I do well?

I stuck to the plan and the first two and half miles or so were mostly in the shade, which helped a LOT. Also even though I was wearing my Razor 3 8.5s, I didn’t attempt to pick up the pace, I kept things slow and comfortable in what felt like 90*F temps.

I wore my 1983 MCM race day shirt and while it is just a cotton tank top, I actually felt pretty good in it, although I gotta admit it was a bit more snug than when I wore it on race day back in 1983, fifteen pounds and almost 38 years does make a difference in how things fit.

What do I need to work on?

Running mechanics, running form, running efficiency or whatever else you want to call it. When I watched that video I was surprised because I thought that I had been improving a few things – it was pretty damned evident that not a lot has changed and if anything some things have gotten worse.


Skechers Razor 3-8.5s. They felt a LOT better than the first run in them. I didn’t use the little toe spreader and my right foot felt fine, though I think I would prefer my thinner socks next time.

What was I thinking?

I focused on sticking to the plan, finding shade whenever I could and not picking up the pace at all. Going up Stevens Hill I went completely by feel and even on the last mile I didn’t pick up the pace because I was in the sun more often than not.

It is amazing to me how many memories simply wearing a shirt can bring back. It is almost as though some of the memories of what happened while wearing the shirt are imbued into it somehow. I remembered how proud I was to get the shirt the night before 1983 Marine Corps Marathon and how that next morning I decided to wear it over my flesh colored long sleeve running shirt.

As I was coming off the dirt road onto Tiffany, I looked to my left and saw images in my mind of so many runners going off into a vacant lot/field to relieve themselves during that race. How lonely I felt down on Hains Point and how the crowds improved after that. I remembered walking and my knee being painful (it twinged in sympathy a little today 😉 ).

Then at the bottom Stevens Hill I could hear the Marine yelling in my ear towards the end of the race “Coast Guard take that hill!” I remembered crossing the finish line in tear of joy at finishing and tears of pain knowing that I really screwed up my knee and hip.

The weirdest memory was after getting back on the tar and running in this t-shirt with Mike Hall the following August and running by the old fish market and it stunk to high heaven as only a fish market can in August.

It is amazing what memories wearing an old piece of running gear can bring back.

All I know is that I was glad to be done running today and didn’t have any plans to go any further.


  1. It is amazing how a location or an item like a shirt can make the memories flood back.
    I guess that’s a good thing since we forget so much.
    So many times while dealing with an injury I would wonder if I had run my last race.
    These days I have that thought often. I hope we are not left with only racing memories!
    How did you record yourself? Phone on a stand? How many tries did it take to set it up for a good shot?
    I ran a virtual 10K “race” this morning and it was very hot. That’s what you get for not getting out early!
    Have a great weekend,


    • Yeah, I was pretty amazed at some of the memories wearing the shirt brought back too. I hope that we all get to run many more races in the future, but I have a feeling it will take a few years before racing returns to any semblance of what it was. I recorded myself with my Pixel 3a phone sitting in my mailbox, I thought it worked pretty good and strangely enough since it was 3 feet off center, it really showed how much my left leg has twisted over the years. I could see the full outsole of my shoes without any issues and I should not have been able to. Oh well just gotta keep moving forward and smiling more. 🙂 Hope you had a great weekend.


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