The Heat Got Me – RunLog June 19, 2020

We got up and got about our day almost an hour earlier than usual, because the temps were supposed to be in the ’90s, and looking at my phone’s weather app right now it says 91*F. So our plan worked for the most part for Bennie.

Bennie got his walk in before it got stoopid hot, although the bugs were pretty bad down-back and I was glad that I had my neck gaiter with me, it was used for anti-bug duty versus anti-COVID-19 stuff.

The Run

Planned run and focus: 4.0 miles at a comfortable pace, down towards the Town Office.

  • Course: Lyons Road O/B to Lower Gate
  • Weather: Bright Sunshine, 81*F, 45% humidity, 5 mph WSW
  • Distance: 4.04
  • Time: 37:13
  • Pace: 9:13


  • 1.0 – 9:00
  • 2.0 – 8:45
  • 3.0 – 9:21
  • 4.0 – 9:46

What did I do well?

I stopped at 4.0 miles and didn’t attempt to push the issue any further. I was struggling the last mile and as much as I wanted to stop before Blake Hill, I made it to the bottom of Stevens Hill.

What do I need to work on?

Sticking with the plan. I tend to get greedy when I feel fairly decent and today was no exception. When I got over to the Town Office I was feeling decent so I decided to go down to the Lyons Road and see if I could get 5.0 miles in. I should have turned around at the Town Office, because that last mile sucked pretty bad.


New Balance Beacon v1 – Did everything I asked of them, but on the rockier parts, I could feel the rocks a bit too much.

What was I thinking?

While running down where the Town Crew is working, I wondered if they had redirected the spring at all that is right above Wade’s driveway. From the wetter spot in that area I kind of think that they didn’t do anything special for it and I can see that area becoming an issue next spring during mud season. We will see.

I mainly thought about how good I was feeling on the way out, at least until I got back to Town Office from the Lyons Road. After that I got to thinking about how badly this run sucked and how stupid I was to run down to the Lyons Road.

Just before I got to Blake Hill I almost shut it down and walked from there. However, I made a deal with myself that pace didn’t matter and that I could just keep moving forward as a runner to the shady side on the other side of the hill things would feel better.

Ahhh blessed shade, it did help with the running, but not enough to move much beyond the survival shuffle that my running form had degenerated to. One step in front of the other was the primary focus and then I saw the Town Crew working exactly where I planned on stopping.

It was also my first run with the Nathan Hipster running belt and it worked great. No bouncing around and I was able to carry the stuff comfortably that I want to have with me during rural running.

  • Pixel 3a Phone – photos and ET call home for a ride
  • tissue paper – obvious
  • pepper spray – you just never know when you will meet a critter or human that needs to be persuaded to leave you alone
  • doggie poop bag – lots of uses for a clean plastic bag

Not a great run, but it got done. Just a typical hot, mid-July run – only it is mid-June…I am not liking to think about what July/August are going to be like.


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