About As Good As It Gets – RunLog June 15, 2020

Back to a more normal running week and the foot is feeling fine. The weather this morning was very close to perfect for me. It was chilly enough that Bennie was very happy being under the blanket and stayed there for almost an hour.

The Run

Planned run and focus: A comfortable 4.0 miles down to Pepin where I would continue my work on efficient running and keeping the effort level constant versus my usual speed-up/slow-down routine

  • Course: Pepin 5.0 Miler
  • Weather: Clear, 64*F, 65% Humidity – 5 mph NNE
  • Distance: 5.02
  • Time: 45:38
  • Pace: 9:06


  • 1.0 – 8:55 / I started out easy and picked it up coming down the hill. I felt a little “off” going down the hill and the steep downhill didn’t really help me maintain form at first. I had to really focus on getting back and down around the S curve, the body figured out what it needed to do in order to go downhill a bit more gracefully.
  • 2.0 – 8:48 / This section felt good and while I didn’t go fast, I felt smooth.
  • 3.0 – 9:33 / Coming back up the hill I worked on running tall and maintain my sight line versus looking down at my feet which seemed to make the hill a little easier.
  • 4.0 – 9:26 / The pace going up the hill might not seem all that fast, but at the same time it is better than the usual 9:50-10:something that I typically do coming up this hill. So that is a win-win.
  • 5.0 – 8:46 / I didn’t attempt to pick up the pace and in fact forced myself to slow down in a couple of places. I was able to maintain the focus on running tall, keeping the feet straight and arms swing at 90 degrees.

What did I do well?

Maintaining focus on running efficiently. It felt good and I had more bounce in my legs than I usually do.

What do I need to work on?

My downhill running needs to be more graceful and efficient.


New Balance Beacon v1 – Did everything that I wanted from them.

What was I thinking?

I really focused on my running and running more efficiently. My mind did not wander too much and when it did I was able to bring it back to running very quickly.

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