Ahhh Running Shoes

All runners have different likes, needs and wants when it comes to our running shoes. Fortunately, we live in a time when the choices a runner has for running shoes is the best that it has ever been.

While there are many great running shoes to choose from, there are not enough miles, time or money to try them all.

So we have to think carefully about the shoes we are going to buy, do the research to find which ones we think will suit our purposes, and hopefully after the purchase are happy with our choices.


That “…each of us is an experiment of one.” — Dr. George Sheehan.

  1. BE COMFORTABLE – Find the running shoes that you run comfortably in for the type of running you will be doing. Getting the correct running shoes is not about having the most popular, best looking, or worn by a running buddy/professional runner.
  2. Have a running shoe rotation – Using specific type of running shoes for a purpose (go faster, daily trainers, trail) works better than a single shoe for everything. A rotation of 3-4 pair of running shoes is a good place to start.
  3. Have an open mind – do not become dogmatic about what running shoe style or brand works for you. Your body and the way you run changes over time and it affects what kind of running shoes will work for you now. Brands come and go, their internal structures are constantly changing people, focus and innovation, look at what a brand is doing now, versus what they did in the past. Hopping on bandwagons usually does not work in the long run.
  4. Technology – Running shoe technology, materials and designs are changing at almost exponential rates. We need to research, look at the issues and be willing try something new if we believe it is right for us.
  5. Shopping Online – We all know that running shoes can be expensive and the online deals can be enticing. When you shop online remember to look at more than just the price, gaudy advertisements, and know what the return policy is. Look to see if your nearest run specialty store has what you want, you might be surprised.

Unfortunately, the downside to running shoes is that it means we will buy too many, spend too much money, and probably get rid of too many that just do not work for the way we run after we get them home.

The woes of a runner.


Over the years, I have bought too many pairs of running shoes – believing that if I could find the “right” shoe that I will magically become the runner that I have always wanted to be.

After almost 50 years of running – I am still looking.

Now do I keep looking for those mythological running shoes?

No, I will focus on the ones that work for me. I think I have learned that a pair of running shoes do not make the runner – running and training consistently make a runner a better runner. However, I do agree that the wrong running shoe can be miserable to run in.

What about you, what have you learned about running shoes?

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