Mosquitoes and Humidity – RunLog May 27, 2020

Okay, the mosquitoes have hatched around us and the dragonflies have not, so for a while the little winged terrors have unmatched superiority of the skies. Nasty little buggers they are too this year. However, with the high humidity (for Maine) when you swat one on an exposed skin part, it stays there as a trophy to your skill as a mosquito hunter, to go along with your welts showing your less successful interventions.

Let’s get to running.

After yesterday’s speedwork session, the legs were pretty well crispy this morning and all I wanted to really do was get 4-5 miles in. I planned on a comfortable pace based completely on effort. In this kind of humidity, I don’t pay too much attention to how fast I am going and work more on form and how hard I am working. I figured that 4-5 miles would be more than enough.

The Good?

I got out the door and ran in 70/70 plus conditions and made it to the finish, without anything terrible happening other than prodigious amounts of sweat accumulating on the shirt and hat. Well along with the wing warrior battles that were courageously done down-back on the dirt road.


The town has gone through and done the best job on the dirt road they have done in several years, they even made a path for their local runner on one side of the road that is nearly free of rocks and crap. Well, I don’t think they did it just for me, but it sure is a lot better to run down there than it has been. As long as I stayed on that side of the road it is great to run on…any place else it is almost ankle buster time.

The Bad?

While I did great for me with temps in the mid-’70s and humidity at least 77%, I was a puddle when I got done and decided on the shorter version of today’s run.

The ankles are not really thrilled with the GlideRides as I get close to the 200-mile mark, I am struggling with the way my ankles feel during and after the run. Something I am not finding in my other running shoes.

The Run

  • 1.0 – 9:02 / Slow and steady
  • 2.0 – 9:01 / Comfortable, although coming up the hill by the Town Office was a bit of struggle. So I slowed down a bit more after that on purpose.
  • 3.0 – 9:31 / Yep, slowing down helped with the struggle factor even when I got to Blake Hill. By this time I was pretty much soaked in sweat and struggling a little mentally.
  • 4.0 – 9:57 / By this time I knew that 4.0 miles were going to be all I wanted to play with outside this morning. Going along the flats, the mosquitoes discovered the invader, marshalled their forces and attempted to airlift him off into the swamps. Luckily the swarm was not quite large enough to carry this intruder off and I escaped with only a few extra welts to show from the battle.

Overall, not a bad run despite the heat and humidity, but 4.0 miles was quite enough and any further would have been a complete suffer-fest that I didn’t feel as though I needed to endure this morning.

  • Distance: 4.10
  • Time: 38:31
  • Pace: 9:23

Shoes: ASICS GlideRide, they did good on the fairly smooth areas of the road down-back, although the ankles were complaining a little and sitting here a few hours later, they are still a bit grumpy, so there is something going on with the more I wear the GlideRides it seems the more my ankles are not happy with them.

What was I thinking?

A run, in hot and humid conditions that I finished what I started. So I was happy with that, although I do have to figure out why the GlideRides are bothering my ankles so much now, where they didn’t for the first 175 miles in them???

I have not changed anything on the shoes and there doesn’t seem to be any abnormal wear areas that I can see. Just one of those things I am going to have to keep an eye on. Maybe once I get them to 200 miles (they are at 198.6), I will let them rest for a while and use my Beacons since they don’t bother and I am not really doing any long runs right now, which is their weakness for me.

Although this guy sat and watched me on the side of the road while I walking to cool-down. He was about 3 ft away from me when I snapped the photo.


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