Beacons and Middle Road – RunLog May 23, 2020

Sometimes you get just a bit behind and unfocused. That was me last yesterday, I couldn’t focus on reading, writing or much of anything that was brain powered.

Which means this morning I get to write about yesterday’s run. Joy of Joys – right. 🙂

I planned on the Middle Road Loop at a comfortable pace, but I did want to see if wearing my Beacon V1 made a difference in how my ankles felt compared to running in the GlideRides.

1.0 – 8:59 / Nice and easy

2.0 – 8:52 / Still easy, but a lot of traffic on the Middle Road to contend with.

3.0 -9:10 / Running easy and didn’t even think about the shoes

4.0 – 9:24 / Going up the hill by the Town Office and then hitting the dirt road, trying to find the line to run on the least number of rocks. Surprisingly, the Beacons did pretty good on that stuff, but dirt and rocks on the Beacons outsole on a regular basis would chew them up a lot faster than running on tar.

5.0 – 9:54 / Dealing with both Blake an Stevens Hills always slows me down and when I am not pushing things beyond the comfortable range, I slow down quite a bit going up them.

A pretty good regression run, which is typical for this course and running down-back on the dirt road is really tough since they worked on it last week. It has not rained yet, so the rock and dirt clouds are pretty nasty right now.

  • Distance: 5.05
  • Time: 46:44
  • Pace: 9:15
  • Shoes: New Balance Beacon v1

How did the ankles feel while/after running in the Beacons? Just fine, no aches or discomfort, so I will test it out again without running in the GlideRides for a few more days and see how the ankles feel, before I go back and try them out again.

The Beacon v1 felt like an old friend that you know will help you get through most anything. I know that I could go out and run 10 miles in them and not have my feet be killing me at the end.

Good run where I learned a lot.

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