Suddenly It Is Summer – RunLog May 21, 2020

All I can say is that I am glad that I ran before the temps got into the ’70s, it was hot enough then compared to what we have been having for temps this spring. This sudden turn to summer doesn’t give you a chance to acclimate too much, but at the same time it felt good to sweat more than usual.

I ran farther than I thought I would when I started out. I sort of planned on 7.0 miles at the start of the week for today and then after walking Bennie this morning, I figured that 5.0 was going to be a good number to hit.

1.0 – 9:08 / Slow to start and then picked up the pace as I loosened up. I did think a lot about the way the Quarry Road Trail Race series is going to be run this summer and am seriously considering going ahead and registering for the entire race series. 9 Races for $45 or $10 a race, I am pretty sure that I would do the entire race series at once and then not have to worry about it. It does mean having to go over to Quarry Road once a week, which would get me a little different view which I probably will need by then.

2.0 – 8:46 / I attempted to maintain a steady pace as I thought about how I was going to publish my review on the Razor 3s and about how I was feeling running in the GlideRides. I like the GRs, but with the aggressive forefoot rocker I don’t have as consistent a toe off as I do in more traditional shoes and I am starting to notice some discomfort in the outside ankle area of both legs when I am running in the GlideRides and for a while afterwards. Nothing serious, but it is there most runs.

3.0 – 8:57 / I did push a little harder on this part of the run and had to tell a couple of black labs to “stay” when I ran past them. When I crested the little knoll there, I decided that I didn’t really feel like battling Stevens Hill and would go out to Davis Dr. to do the 5.0 miler to the lower gate.

4.0 – 8:45 / Ooops decided when I got to Davis Drive that it would be a great day to do my Goodhue 10K, just a little longer run, but still ending before going up Stevens Hill. I did stop to take some photos of the mountains off in the distance, but they didn’t do justice to the scene that I got see. I didn’t realize how much of breeze would be in my face coming back.

5.0 – 8:47 / Nope, I decided to be good and focus on running steady. My right foot felt a little off and it has been that way for a couple of weeks now. Not sure what is going on, but it seemed to work its way out around the old dump.

6.0 – 8:57 / Nothing spectacular, at this point I really wanted to get the run over with, I had a good sweat worked up and wanted to make sure that I got back to eat lunch and be ready to help the guy coming over to get the would out of the shed.

.21 – 8:41 / I pushed to get things done, not too hard, but focused on a quicker turnover and avoiding the rocks on the road.

This was just one of those steady runs at a comfortable effort. Nothing too hard at any point and focused on running tall and keeping my arm swing closer to my body. I could have easily done the 7.0 miles, but honestly, I didn’t feel like dealing with the Hill on the first really hot day of the year.

  • Distance: 6.21
  • Time: 55:10
  • Pace: 8:53

Shoes: ASICS GlideRide – they did fine, but I am liking the ride of more traditional shoes without as aggressive forefoot rocker I think. I think of myself as a rear-foot landing kind of runner, but with the GlideRide at times it almost feels as though I am being forced to land heel-first to get the most out of the shoes, which feels weird at some points of a run.

I think that I am one of those runners who might change landing points slightly as I change paces, cadence or both. Something to think about more and maybe even do a run in one of my older more traditional shoes to see if it is all in my head or if there is something to it.

Overall, a nice steady effort run where I ended up running a little farther than I initially planned, but not quite as far as I had originally planned on Monday.

Now is the time to enjoy my runs, not push and make myself feel miserable by just forcing the issue when I am not acclimated to this kind of weather yet. It did get warm later in the afternoon and loading the guys pickup with wood worked up a pretty good sweat. It was my upper body workout for the day :-).

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