No Track Tuesday – RunLog May 19, 2020

For uncounted years Tuesday has been the day when I purposely run faster and for many of those faster workouts, I have done them on some kind of track. There is just something about running on a track that calls my name and even though the workouts bring varying degrees of discomfort, in my sick, twisted mind I look forward to those days when I get to go run circles.


Typically, I would have been doing my faster workouts on the treadmill right along, but back in January I hurt my hamstring and the with COVID-19 closing the gym and stealing the time I can leave the vicinity of my home to do speedwork.

Treadmill or my track workouts really have not been a consideration. To be honest since the pandemic started I have been pretty leery of even running hard workouts because I don’t want to suppress my immune system and run into issues with some virus beating on me.  So I haven’t attempted to push the pace too much beyond comfortably hard on my Tuesday go faster days.

Until today.

I have a quarter-mile course measured in front of the house and put it to good use this morning. I planned on doing 4-6 x .25 and 8-10 x .12 at 5K race pace and maybe a few strides at the end if I had anything left, slightly quicker.

What I ended up doing:

  • 4 x .25
  • 7 x .12

with same for recoveries

Total Distance: 6:01

Total time: 52:47

Overall Pace: 8:47

Shoes: Skechers Razor 3 Hyper


  • 1 – 1:49 / 6:59  pace
  • 2 – 1:50 / 7:03 pace
  • 3 – 1:52 / 7:10 pace
  • 4 – 1:55 / 7:22 pace

Nothing overly spectacular, but for the first Fast Tuesday of the year, I was happy. Even though I felt like I was thrashing around like a beached whale on those four quarters. Nothing felt smooth and when I tried to pickup the pace, the old body just went huh, what am I doing this stuff for!!!

Then I did some .12 (200) repeats. When I can’t maintain decent form on the quarters, I go down in distance and see how things go.

  • 1 – 49 / 6:28
  • 2 – 53 / 7:00
  • 3 – 49 / 6:28
  • 4 – 53 / 7:00
  • 5 – 49 / 6:28
  • 6 – 55 / 7:16
  • 7 – 51 / 6:44

If I could maintain those paces for a 5K, I would be extremely happy, unfortunately right now that would only be a dream and I need to work on getting in better shape and lose that 10 pounds to run those paces.

Yes, I miscounted, I thought that I was doing 8, but ended up with 7, not a big deal since my form was starting to suck bad and I had hit the 5.0-mile point, so it was time for that wonderful cool-down mile.

One thing, is that this is what happens just about every year the first time that I run fast outside, everything feels off and ungainly. So while I am doing the run I feel like I need training wheels. Then I remember how I go through this process every year, to get back to feeling like running fast feels smooth. Although this year is going to take a little more than usual I have a feeling.

This was my first real test of the Skechers Razor 3 Hyper at fast for me speeds. They did just fine, not quite the pop that I felt in the Zoom Fly SP, but more like I can run fast in them without any problems. I think that if I really wanted to get a fast pair of shoes, that I might look a lot closer at the Skechers Speed Elite for shorter races. A plate in the shoes does make for a faster shoe.

While I felt out of sorts running fast, but at the same time, it felt good to run fast again.


  1. Tuesday nights are when my club used to run. Much like your track and Planet Fitness shutting down, my club is shut down.
    I’m a little discombobulated working from home, lock down and everything else.
    Tonight it dawned on me that I’m missing these Tuesday night runs as much as I’m missing my work and weekly routine.
    Driving a few towns over to run with friends often seemed like a disruption in my schedule and to-do list.
    Now I miss that part of my normal.
    I cannot wait to drive 50 miles to run 3.1 miles again.


    • I always took club runs, the weekly get together and informal track workouts for granted. I have a feeling that in the future that I will appreciate them more than I did before. I am pretty sure that we all will. 🙂


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