Why Another Running Blog

Yeah, yet another running blog coming from a nobody in the running world – ain’t it great!

If you look around the running world and all the great authors, writers, and bloggers that are out there why on earth do I believe that we need yet another running blog?

What can my writing at Time to Run Again contribute to the running world that others probably have already done or written about?


First of all let’s get this out of the way, my age is a number that I have accepted and learned that I cannot outrun….I am 62, working hard to make it to 63 and beyond, these efforts give me a lot to write about.

I don’t take myself too seriously and what you see is what you get. Not some fake online persona that doesn’t resemble who I really am.

As a charter member of the Idiots Running Club, although no longer active in the club, I earned my t-shirt by being that guy that was and every so often still goes running in conditions that are absolutely crazy at times. Which means I get to write and complain way too much about the weather and other stuff that I do that might be a bad case of Harold being Harold.

There have been times when I have been lucky enough to have other runners to run with. However, most of us run…by ourselves an awful lot, which gives us time to think about “things”. Writing about the friendships made, clubs, races and the social side of running is fun and I will be doing that. Those solitary runs that are the big part of our routines, are the kind of things that I will also be sharing in my RunLog entries.

I have not had formal coaching beyond some basic stuff in High School and most of the knowledge I have about running comes from other runners, magazines, books, blogs, videos and the school of hard knocks. As a result, I have probably made just about every mistake a middle of the pack runner can make, but the idea that I am still running and writing about my training and mistakes almost 50 years later is pretty cool.

Although, I do like to train to run fast (for me) and run races…well as long as my old nemesis race day anxiety isn’t kicking my butt, sometimes I can even be competitive in my age group locally. While race recaps are few and far between some years, I am still just a bit competitive about my running

At some point I am going to finish another marathon, my last one was in 1983 and was a complete shitshow. Running a marathon is one of those things that I know I can do, now I just have to do it. Although this pandemic stuff is getting in the way of things just a bit this year. Who knows maybe 2023 will be the year, I run Boston? It will be an interesting journey to get there.

I will write reviews about my running shoes, like most runners I am still searching for the mythical perfect for me running shoe. I might even throw in a few technology reviews along the way as I break and smash my way through GPS watches and other running accessories.

The reality is that

Even though my glory days are now good memories, I still have goals, dreams and stuff that I need to work on as as I keep moving forward as a runner. It is my continuing on the runner’s journey that I hope will make Time to Run Again interesting for its readers.

My perspectives on running are probably different than many of the authors, writers or even other bloggers who were collegiate, elite or have been involved in the running industry at some point and writing from the outsider’s point of view could be interesting.

However, the biggest reason that I decided to start over with Time to Run Again is that I am passionate about running, want to share some of my experiences and maybe even help someone who is going through some of the same stuff that I have had experience with.

Perhaps in some small way, I can give back a bit to the running community that has given me so much over the years.

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