Shorts and T-Shirt Today May 11, 2020

Crazy weather that is all I can say!!!


Saturday we got about three inches of snow and heavy winds

Sunday the temps didn’t get too much out of the ’30s, with heavy winds and I had to wear my winter running gear.

Today I was in shorts and t-shirt, while the temps were in the ’60s.

Needless to say which day I enjoyed the most.

Unfortunately, my usual running schedule this morning was interrupted by the plumber being here for four hours. Last Friday we had Houle’s out and they determined that our tub faucet was leaking behind the wall and needed to be fixed/replaced.

Unfortunately, in order to fix the leak, the hot water heater needed to be removed. Great design right!

Actually, we have been worried about the hot water heater for a couple of years, it is the original one when the wife moved in and is over 30 years old, so it was due to be replaced. So we decided to go ahead and get a new one while they were fixing the tub faucet leak.

We have hot water and a tub that doesn’t leak, so that is good, what is not going to be good is the bill when it comes in. 🙂

Today’s run was just an easy effort run and one where I worked a little more on lifting my knees a bit more than I have been. The first mile was tough, but once I got the kinks out, I started to feel a lot better.

Mile Splits

  • 1.0 – 8:58
  • 2.0 – 8:59
  • 3.0 – 9:04
  • 4.0 – 9.24

The first three were pretty consistent and the last mile includes Stevens Hill, which always kicks my butt.

  • Distance: 4.05
  • Time: 36:53
  • Pace: 9:05

I really am not all that crazy about running later in the afternoon, but the important thing is that I did get out to do my run. I could tell I had a big lunch and that first mile was pretty miserable. Once the body got the idea that running was happening, it started to cooperate and the rest of the run was pretty good.

All I know is that I could really get used to running in shorts and a t-shirt most of the time. 🙂


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