Running to Notta Road – May 8, 2020

This morning was a fairly decent one, it was sunny, with a breeze out of the SW over 10 mph and the temps around mid ’40s. Just right for shorts, tech tee and l/s shirts, but even though it was fairly warm, I did not complain all that much about wearing my CMS wool gloves. The old hands feel the cold a lot more than they used to.


I was very surprised with the just over 9:00 minute pace at the first mile, since I hadn’t really pushed and running through all the ruts and stuff on the dirt road down-back always make the runs a lot slower than they are on tar.

During miles 2, 3, and 4, I did pick up the pace a little more, nothing super fast, but quicker on the stride rate. I did have to jump in the bushes after the old dump, it was one of those sudden you will do it now things where there is not a lot of choice in the matter. Good thing it happened in a nicely wooded section of the run. 🙂

  1. 9:028:408:428:509:35

Going up Stevens Hill and playing in the dirt got me pretty good and then once I got back on the tar, I had to wait for the Pepsi truck to back into Gagne’s driveway. While I was waiting their black lab Raymond came running across the road at me and jumped at my arm. I was standing in front of a 3-4 foot ditch and he didn’t realize how close I was and went ass over teakettle down into the ditch. Which stunned him for a couple of seconds. When he came up out of the ditch, I used my dog get out of here voice and told him to get back in the yard, which he did.

He had his electronic collar on so he should not have been able to leave the yard, so I am not sure what happened. No biggie, but I have a feeling that I will let the owners know the next time I see them.

Other than that I finished the run and then did my half mile cool down walk around the circle.

Nice run, but that wind although Strava said it was from the SW, sure as hell to me felt like it was from the NW and had a very Arctic feel to it. On top of everything we are supposed to 1-3 inches of snow tomorrow…can you believe it 1-3 inches of snow forecast for May 9, 2020.Just the way that this year has been going.

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