Welcome to Time to Run Again

Hi everyone,

Back in 2011, I was coming off knee surgery after a disastrous year physically and needed motivation to get back in shape and I decided to create a new blog called Time to Run – Again. However, for numerous reasons I decided not to use it for more than a few posts back then and it languished in WordPress.com stasis for several years.

I found that on my One Foot in Reality blog which was supposed to be a daily living or living simply blog, was turning into place where I went down the current events rabbit hole (which I do not want to do). Plus I felt that I was writing too much about my running and the more I thought about what I was writing, the more I really wanted to just get back to writing about running again.

It is something I enjoy doing most every day versus writing a daily journal entry or about current events which just frustrates me more than it helps me think things through.

Screenshot 2020-05-09 at 1.12.19 PM

So I decided to get back to writing about running as my focus and use the old title Time to Run Again as my new blog. One Foot in Reality will be where I will vent my frustrations with current events or at least share my thoughts about them, if I decide to publish them. Which I probably will not do very often.

I hope you enjoy sharing another blog on my running journey with me.

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