Why Read A&R-MT

Why read this blog?

Here is a link to my initial post where I talk about that a bit.

1. I want to show other 60+ people and yes, even younger folk that what we actually do is more important than sitting on our arses thinking about what we need to do and not do anything. We all need to get off our butts and do more or at least do what we can, instead of sitting there not doing anything more than existing.

All while keeping a focus on something we tend to forget while getting old is not always easy, it can be fun too.

2. My grandfather always told me...”You are what you do.”

It is true and something to think about when facing decisions or lifestyle choices along the way in our lives.

3. I plan to share parts of my life, which in turn holds me accountable to keep doing and not just rotting away.

4. My selfish reasons are that I enjoy writing and I find blogging a way to write about things that interest me. Which in turn makes me think about whatever it is I am writing about. When I am publishing to others to read, I am much more likely to have actually thought about it, versus the proverbial knee jerk reaction or uninformed chirping.

5. These posts are a form of legacy from me to my family. Who knows maybe someday one of my grandkids will want to learn more about that quirky old guy from Maine and read some posts about my life.

While I usually keep to generalities about my personal life, it is pretty easy to figure out when I have bad days and when things are going pretty good.

I hope you enjoy reading the adventures and miscues that I will have, along with pieces of my life that I chose to share with you, as I get to be a cantankerous old and retired fart. 🙂

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