A Test Run and Showing Minor Carpentry Skills

What a gorgeous winter day, the sun was out, temps in the mid 20’s and just a bit of breeze, with about an inch of fresh powder on top of everything. Unfortunately, on the road, what was underneath that little bit of snow was a lot of ice that I could no longer see.

Which meant the dog walks were a bit of an adventure, but no real issues while just walking, but I did attempt a few steps while walking Bennie, before Hunter and Mary caught up with us, but quickly found out that running on ice without my screw shoes was not a great idea. No, I did not kiss the road, but a little slip-sliding away quickly quenched any thought of doing more than walking outside this morning.

So I headed into Augusta to run on the treadmill and changed my mind about 10 times regarding what was going to do once I got there. Finally, I figured that I would wait until I got about half-way through my warm-up mile and go from there.

Now I have some ideas on what I want to do over the next few months, so I wanted to see what an extended time felt like at a particular pace. Not a super long time, but longer than I have been doing lately.

I was pleasantly surprised at how this test run went and it got me to thinking about what I want to do moving forward and how I think I might get there. No, I am not going to go into specifics until a lot later in the year. However, I do see me upping my mileage a bit and smiling more when I run. Both good things.

As a part of this, I ran in my Beacon v1’s and there were no issues with the shoes. Light, comfortable and not thought about during the run.

This afternoon was all about doing the little carpentry chores around the house that I can do. It might take me a bit longer than someone who actually knows what they are doing, but I have enough of an idea of how to do things correctly that they usually turn out pretty reasonable. Mary is there to supervise me, so I don’t get in too much trouble most of the time and if she starts to get too nervous I have to have her go find something for me. hehehehe

It works for us. The shelves are up, the picture frame – works the way she wants it to and the mirror is back in place (though I did recommend a replacement at some point in the next six months to the boss).

A good day overall and yes, I am a bit tired.

Originally posted on Aging & Retirement – My Thoughts, written by Harold L. Shaw, Jr.

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