Brain Tired, Not Foggy

Not physically tired, but more mentally drained.

When I stopped and took a moment to breathe, I realized just how fatigued I am. Over the past few weeks, I have made some pretty big changes in my life around how I use technology, blogging, simplifying both processes and belongings, along with what I am choosing to read and what I write about and it has caught up with me.

It is as though my brain has been racing the first mile of a super hard and fast 5K way above my current level of fitness and when I heard the first-mile split, my brain went WTFO are doing, we are not in shape for that kind of pace!!!

I think that analogy pretty much fits where I am with the new blog, a different tech silo, new reading choices, writing more, attempting to simplify life all pretty much at the same has been a bit overwhelming.

Especially with me being me…I have jumped in with both feet (as usual).

While fairly certain that all of these things are good things, but as a result, I am feeling…well tired for some reason or other.  This makes it the perfect time to slow down, rest a little, take stock in where I am, compared to some of the plans and thoughts I had when I started making these changes and see where I actually am now.

The things I need to look at are:

How do I like the new blog? Am I happy with its current direction, content and the minor course adjustment I made? Do I miss writing at “Just a Runnah”?

The change-over to a Chromebook Pixel 2 and getting back in the Google tech silo, how is that going? Where are there friction points or problems that can be resolved? Am I all that impressed by having Android apps available for my Chromebook?

All the things that I have gotten rid of over the past couple of weeks are there anything I wish that I had kept (too damn late now some of that stuff is gone). Should I go out and look at the stuff in the get rid of pile again to double-check to see if I really want to get rid of it.

Am I reading over my head, when it comes to books like Lifespan, Essentialism, The Daily Stoic, or Stillness is the Key or even Draft No. 4? Is my science or general education background, vocabulary and focus good enough to understand, much less absorb what I read in those books or others like them. Especially, after not reading anything more technical than books on running, Sword and Sorcery and a few thrillers for the most part over the past decade.

I do notice a difference in my writing and what I want to write about lately. Yes, I do the daily routine/run log fluff stuff, but I also am writing more reflection, philosophical and areas that I wonder if I have the background to keep writing about these topics at times?

That thing that so many online are calling the “Imposter Syndrome”.

Regardless of whether I am an imposter or not, I do not want anyone to get the impression I am any kind of expert in much of anything, because I am not. I am just a person who has some interests, opinions, and perspectives that are my own and writing about them on my blog to clarify and make sense of stuff that I read, do or think about.

However, I do want to ensure that if I am writing about something and sharing it with you that I am not talking out my arse like so many do who are currently writing around the Internet. While I would like to think that I do a good job of having and/or using facts versus fantasy or outright lies when I write about anything especially when I am basing my opinions on something, this is an area that I plan to look at much closer and how I will check my sources and cite them before moving too far along this path.

While at first glance, I do like the direction I am heading. At the same time, I have made so many changes recently, I want…no need to stop or at least slow down from the breakneck speed I have been going, take a look around to see what I am actually doing versus what I think I am doing. Then tweak a few things if I need to and before moving forward haphazardly and stepping into a pile of crap that could have been easily avoided if I had looked around at where I was going closer.

Now let’s see, I have 17 ideas in draft, gotta figure out…Harold stop and look around. 🙂

What do you think? What do you like so far, what can I clean up, what can I do better?

Originally posted on Aging & Retirement – My Thoughts, written by Harold L. Shaw, Jr.

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