How Did I Do On My 2019 Goals?

Every year we make goals and last year I focused primarily on my running goals. After all I was blogging mostly about my running, so that was all that mattered – right?

Not really, but at times that seemed as though that was the case.

I plan to change that more than a little in the 2020 goals.

So how did I do in 2019?
My goals were pretty simple:
Run over 1,500 miles –

  • Ended the year with over 1,700.
Eat mindfully and reduce the number of carbs in my diet. Not a Keto diet per se, but more cleaning up and getting back to eating “real” foods. If it comes from a box, bag or wrapper, it probably is going to be something I avoid eating this year.
  • Better than I thought I would, but the holidays and celebrations are still tough and when you live with great cooks, well you tend to eat what they make. I still have to work on baked goods, ice cream, and potato chips, but even with these “foods”, I have reduced the amounts a great deal compared to how much “junk” food I used to eat.
Buy less running related “stuff”. I don’t need the newest, greatest technology, shoes or other gear. I need “stuff” that is going to work for me, not anyone else. My running shoe rotation is a good one, I have enough running clothes for a while (as long as the stench doesn’t get too bad) and once I get my heart rate monitoring stuff figured out so that it is fairly reliable, I really don’t need a bunch of other stuff. In other words stay away from eBay, unless I actually need something to replace what I have when it is worn out or doesn’t work for my purposes anymore. ;-).
  • I did better on the technology side of buying new running stuff and running clothes were not an issue. However, from August to October I got off on a tangent with my running shoes and went on an Altra and then Hoka binge. Now I am back to where I need to be in my New Balance shoes which seem to work well for me. I have some Nikes that work too and are still in the rotation, but New Balance just seem to fit my feet the best and they have come so far with their latest offerings.
Use the K.I.S.S. Principle whenever possible. Keep It Simple Stupid.
  • This actually covers most of my life and I think that other than running shoes, I did really well with making things simpler in all aspects of my life. 

For the most part, I did pretty well on my goals, but I need to work on my running shoe addiction a bit more and cut-back even more on the sugar i.e. baked goods, ice cream, cake, whoopie pies, well you get the picture.

Overall grade if I was still teaching – about a C+

Originally posted on Aging – My Thoughts and written by Harold L. Shaw


  1. I think that is a pretty great year – and as an ‘outsider’ looking in I would also note the ramp of shoes late in the year. I think that is always a weak spot, but there are worse things in life, right?


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