Christmas Day 2019 – Now Its Time to Wind Down

I think you have heard this so many times today, so I guess one more time will not hurt you.

Merry Christmas!!!

The presents have been passed out, the food eaten (leftovers are still a thing), walks done, most of the guests are gone and it is the evening of Christmas Day. I do not know about you, but I am tired and it is time to relax a little.

Bennie helping to unwrap presents, he is one tired dog tonight after help Mary and I unwrap our presents

Santa was generous this year, lots of running gear, a couple pair of running shoes, way too many sweets and a new to me Google Chromebook Pixel 2 – 2015, that I am typing this post on.

I wish that I had gotten this computer back in 2015 when it came out, now that I have played with it for a while. What an amazing piece of hardware and the LS – ludicrous speed designator is accurate. It is fast with everything that I have used it for so far and makes other computers that I have used seem sooooo slow. The screen is pretty great too. To be honest, I didn’t realize how good this computer really was, now let’s see what I think in a week or so, after using it for a while.

No running today, which I kind of figured would happen, but I will get back to it tomorrow.

For the most part I behaved when it came to eating, but I gotta admit that Mary’s homemade Coconut Cream pie did deserve my attention twice, especially with the homemade whipped cream that happened to end up on top.

Elliott playing with his new toy

Other than that, it was the usual Christmas Day – stressful to get through lunch and then slowed down as the day goes on.

Oh, by the way, did anyone notice that the Celtics won. 🙂

How was your Christmas, hopefully, it was a good day for you and yours?

Originally posted on Aging – My Thoughts and written by Harold L. Shaw. I am no gerontologist, expert on aging or anything else, these are just my thoughts and experiences about getting old in today’s world.

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