Progress is Being Made on the New Blog

It has been a pretty exciting two days since Aging-My Thoughts went live.

Wow!!! I had forgotten how much work setting up a new blog, from scratch is. However, I am getting things somewhat under control and perversely am having fun with it. Sometimes getting out of my comfort zone is a good thing and something that I find I tend to do less and less as time goes by. It is one of those subjects I will be writing about at some point and how it relates to my getting older.

A big change for me was changing my Twitter handle to @hshawjr207. If you are on Twitter and would like to follow me please click on the link.

If you would like to follow my meandering thoughts on this new blog please choose the way that best suits you on my sidebar below my profile information or simply bookmark my homepage and come back to visit when you can.

I had forgotten a lot of the quirks that using a Blogger blog has, especially when it comes to formatting issues if you import a draft from your word processor – even if it is another Goggle product. Which is annoying and makes readability an issue, going forward I just have to remember to remove formatting on most anything I import from a word processor.

Yeah, I know that Blogger is not the blogging system of choice for most professionals or serious bloggers for many reasons. However, at this point in my life Blogger is priced correctly, data caps are where I can grow within them and restrictions are fewer. Especially, since I am no longer either a professional or even a serious blogger. At this point my blogging focus is not about making money, it is only a hobby that I enjoy that gives me the opportunity to write and share my thoughts.

There are also some differences between how does things and how Blogger does them, plus Blogger has made a few changes in the time since I used it regularly. Not anything really big, it is more a question of where things are sometimes and I have had to “Google” search the answer a few times to do what I wanted.

Getting the sidebars set up so that they made sense has been a series of try this and then mmmm let’s do this, naw that doesn’t look right, to that’s better. I imagine that I will be tweaking it a bit more as my needs on the blog change.

I did some behind the scenes stuff with Bing and Google search, checked page load speeds and other under the hood stuff that I haven’t bothered with for a long time. It brought back a smile or two and reminded me why I don’t want to do a self-hosted blog ever again. No, I didn’t really need to do some of that stuff, but it just seemed right so I did.

However, I didn’t play with the theme HTML code or any of that stuff. Something I used to do regularly and don’t plan on doing here, although I did tweak some of the colors and font sizes to match what I like using the theme editor’s advanced functions. You can see some of the differences below by looking at the differences between the post titles.

I want to focus more on the writing, than on the mechanics of having a blog.

The cool thing is that I have published four posts, two were my initial posts:

Welcome to “Aging – My Thoughts”

and the other two were RunLog posts:

Back to the Treadmill – RunLog 12/20/19

A Chilly Kind of Run – RunLog 12-21-19

Yes, I plan to continue with a RunLog post, though I can foresee some changes in how I share my running. I still have to figure out the correct balance, but I will be writing about my running for as long as I run. The best news is that I have five more posts in various stages of drafting. Something that I hadn’t done in my other blogs in years. So I guess it was time for a change.

One thing that I didn’t expect was that when I was updating my pages, that I had a really difficult time letting go of two pages from my previous blog. One had all my old running shoe reviews and the other 40 years of running series. I wanted to put them on this blog and link back to my old blog where the posts are. Finally, I got it through my thick head that this is a new start, new blog and holding on to those old posts, while they are important to me, are not a part of this current blog. After thinking about it again this morning I have removed those pages.

I know that I have a bit more work to do to get where and how I want my new blog to work and look.

The Reality is that

There is a lot more to starting a new blog than simply picking out a blogging service, its name, a theme and then going ahead and start writing posts. Well…at least to the way I want to do things.

However, for having been live for two days, I am very happy with my progress and excited about the direction that I will be going.

Do you have any comments, questions or suggestions for me at this time?

No, I am not interested in SEO optimization or other tips to become a professional or better blogger. I am very comfortable being a hobby blogger.

Originally posted on Aging – My Thoughts and written by Harold L. Shaw. I am no gerontologist, expert on aging or anything else, these are just my thoughts and experiences about getting old in today’s world.

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