Welcome to "Aging – My Thoughts"

A new blog was not really the direction that I planned on going with my blogging going forward.

That to say the least – is an understatement.

However, this is where I am and now that I have made the decision/choice to move to a new blog, I am excited by the new possibilities and minor changes in the focus.

The primary reason for choosing to move was when I got looking at the cost of renewing my WordPress.com blogs in 2020.  To be blunt it just was not worth the prices they were asking based on my readership, how soon I would be moving to the next data cap point and the idea that my blogging now is just a hobby that I enjoy – it is not something I am planning to be the next great blog or something that I can turn into a profession – again.

Which got me to looking around to other alternatives.

I thought about going back to my old One Foot In Reality blog, but I as I thought about what it would mean, I realized that I have moved on from that part of my life and going back to using that blog just seemed like a bad idea.

When I stopped and thought about what I wanted, I realized that I just wanted a clean start and began the process to start yet another blog Yes, it is a process and I didn’t want to eventually run into the same issues at some point in the future on WordPress.com, so here I am back on Blogger.

Yep, I have come full circle. I started my blogging back in 2007 with Blogger and here it is 12 years later and I am coming back to Blogger as my primary blog again.

The hardest thing was coming up with a name and a focus. So I thought about what I was going to be writing about:

  1. I want to focus more on the aging process – it is what is affecting me the most.
  2. Things I read about aging, health, living simply and how I can incorporate them into my life and how they work or don’t work for me.
  3. I plan to keep writing about my daily running log and my efforts to minimize the effects of aging on my running.
  4. Running shoe reviews even though I have a feeling that the number of shoes I review will be declining, I still enjoy writing about them.
  5. How my technology use and what I use for hardware/software/applications are changing as I get older.
  6. Simplifying my lifestyle to meet the new perspectives about many things that I find that I am having.
In other words my feeble attempts at making the Grim Reaper chuckle a few times before he decides to visit one final time.

The name I chose “Aging – My Thoughts” will make me focus on the aging part of what is going on in my life and then my thoughts about it. It also gives me license to write more beyond the running niche that my previous blog constrained me to. Actually, I think that this title more accurately reflects what I have been writing about over the past few months and that my blog is more than just a running blog.

Well, at least that is the hope.

The other big change is that I am not getting rid of the .blogspot any time soon. I got to thinking about things and I tend to jump into a blog headfirst and all too many times have bounced off some pretty big rocks. This time I plan to go a LOT slower, at least for me and wade into the waters to gently go around the rocks or at least avoid the worst of them.

Initially, I had planned on doing making this change in late January when my runnah.blog website expires, but the more I thought about things, I figured that I might as well just go ahead and get it over with. That way I could iron out the issues that always accompany a change like this and get back to using Blogger now instead of waiting.

It does mean that some other changes will have to be made as well:

  1. Twitter name has to change from “justarunnah” to “hshawjr207”.
  2. My email signature has to be updated.
  3. Other sites, links and probably places I won’t think of until I try to do something with my old information. 

So as I move forward with my hobby blogging here on “Aging-My Thoughts”, I hope that you enjoy the newish direction of my writing and that I continue to have fun with my blogging odyssey.

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