Too Many Steps, but Got Speedwork in – RunLog 12/18/19

Sometimes I forget how old I really am and do dumb shit to remind myself that I ain’t 30 or even 50 anymore. Take this morning, overnight we got about 3″ of snow, not a big deal by any stretch of the imagination, but enough to be a pain in the arse.


In other words, I had to get out the snowblower and do both driveways, otherwise it turns to white ice and then I have to sand the hell out of it. So I got to play with the beast. Each year, the beast get harder on the old body and once I got done, I had to sit down and ended up taking a bit of nap.

Once I woke up, I decided that I probably should head to the gym for a run, the roads out by the house were just nasty.

Planned Workout Description vs Actual: Today is usually an easy/rest day. However, after I got on the treadmill, I got to work, since I missed yesterday’s faster run due to life getting in the way, so I really wanted to get a faster session in today. I thought about doing 12 x .25 at 5K race pace and easy recoveries.

Variables that impacted the run: Tired. I had already snowblowed both driveways and the shoulders were talking to me.

Weather: Indoor

        • Day: Wednesday
        • Course: PF Treadmill
        • Distance: 6.5
        • Duration: 52:19
        • img_5469
        • Pace: 8:03
        • Running Streak Day #: 1
        • Comments:
        • Speedwork 2019-12-18 201136

Shoes: Mileage (50.0) New Balance 1400 v6 – the shoes did great and I didn’t really think about them at all during the workout, which is the biggest compliment I can give to a pair of shoes. I was able to focus on the run and didn’t worry at all about my feet. Now time to do that 50 mile review. 

Yeah, today was one of the 30,000 step days and the old body felt the numerous steps quite a bit by the time I got around to writing this post. A good tired, but tired nonetheless.

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