Muddy, Windy = Slow and Easy – RunLog 12/15/19

While the temps were pretty warm for December, yesterday’s rain gave us a bit of mud down-back and some pretty stiff breezes out of the Northwest. Luckily, today was going to be nothing more than an 4-5 mile easy run and that is exactly what I did.


Variables that impacted the run: Right hamstring was a bit tight from yesterday’s strides, muddy and windy

Weather: Windy and Partly Sunny, 41°F, Feels like 33°F, Humidity 57%, Wind 17mph from SW

        • Day: Sunday
        • Course: Town Office & Howard 4.0 Miler
        • Distance: 4.07
        • Duration: 40:12
        • Pace: 9:53
        • Running Streak Day #: 3
        • Comments: I was supposed to run slow and easy today and the mud/wind made sure that I did. Honestly, I was feeling a bit off and couldn’t have run faster or hard if I had wanted to. This has been a long week and very emotionally/mentally draining, so I wasn’t all that surprised that I felt unmotivated/tired today.

Shoes: Mileage (9.1) – Nike Wildhorse v5 – They did fine in the muddy sections down-back (not that it was all that terrible, but just enough to be a pain). However, I am not sure that I could run a long distance in them or not?

img_5462There is something going on with my forefeet and while not horrible, by the 4.0 mile mark were getting uncomfortable, especially when I was running on the tar. So mind is still figuring out whether I like the Wildhorse v5 or not.


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