Some Uphill Strides – RunLog 12/10/19

Initially, I was supposed to go to the gym today for a faster treadmill session at a hard effort. However, the bathroom renovation took precedence and most of the morning was making sure that I was available to answer questions or other stuff. There is no telling what the carpenter will find during the first day, so I wanted to stick around.

That meant no faster running this morning.


The destruction phase was finished just after lunch, no surprises (thank goodness) and they will be back tomorrow to start putting things back together again. Since it was late, I didn’t want to head into town and decided to run to Pepin and then do 8 x hill repeats on Philbrick Hill.

Variables that impacted the run: First phase of renovation is always stressful, you worry about what time they are actually getting there, what they will find when they pull everything out. I was mentally tired and it showed.

Weather: Overcast, 50°F, Feels like 50°F, Humidity 91%, Wind 9mph from SW 

    • Day: Tuesday
    • Course: Pepin O/B with 9 x Philbrick Hill Strides
    • Distance: 5.25
    • Duration: 45:36
    • Pace: 8:41
    • Running Streak Day #: 7
    • Strava 12-10-19

    • Comments: I started the run really slow and then picked it up to a comfortable pace when I started going down Philbrick Hill. I maintained that kind of pace until coming back up that hill.
    • img_5447
    • I stopped at Manny’s driveway to take photos and get my brain ready to start in on the uphill strides up to Brand’s mailbox (about the middle of that field on the right).
    • Hill strides 12-10-19
    • The first one took about 31 seconds and the rest were a bit slower. Which was okay, because this is the first time I have not done hill repeats in quite a while. So instead of running hard for the uphill strides, I focused more on working on my stride and keeping it compact, but running without slouching. I did have to play some mental tricks to get past #4 and then somehow I lost count and in order to make sure that I got at least 8, I did an extra one to make sure. Turned out that I did 9, oh well it was all good.
    • After those hill strides, I slowed way down to finish climbing up Philbrick and to get ready to finish up the run. I did pickup the pace a little and felt really good finishing up the run.

Shoes: Mileage (106.6) – New Balance Propel – Did everything just the way I wanted. Smooth, Comfortable and Cushioned. My left big toe did not bother at all and I felt good running a little faster in the Propels than I usually do.img_5449

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