Question Answered – RunLog 12/9/19

Today was one of those weird days where you step outside and know that it is going to rain, not just because your phone’s weather app is sending notifications about how nasty it is going to be, but because your body let’s you know it.

After walking Bennie and Hunter this morning, I decided that I was going to head into Augusta to run. Down-back was already getting squirrelly and pretty slippery and I didn’t want to do Philbrick Hill, since today was going to be an easy day.

Initially, I had planned on running 5.0 miles outside, but by the time I got to the gym, it was already raining lightly, so I decided to do the treadmill. I just am not fond of running in the rain and temps in the high 30’s.

While I was getting out of the truck, I realized that my Propels were pretty muddy from running outside the other day and that wasn’t good gym treadmill etiquette to use them for that today. Then I remembered that I had the Altra Impulse behind the seat. I figured this would be a make or break run for them and took them inside.

Planned Workout Description vs Actual: 5.0 miles easy, actually did 5.25 easy

Variables that impacted the run: Ran in the Altra Impulse, forgot t-shirt and had to wear heavy Adidas l/s tech shirt (mock tee).

Weather: Indoor

      • Day: Monday
      • Course: PF Treadmill
      • Distance: 5.25
      • Duration: 46:46
      • Pace: 8:54
      • Running Streak Day #: 6
      • Comments: I started out easy at 6.7 mph and kept it there for the entire run. I felt good and it was more just keeping the feet moving, than any issues with running…well mostly. 
      • I did have to stop for a pitstop at 1.25 miles and when I got back on it took a few minutes to get the mojo going again, after that it was more just get it done than any real issues.

Shoes: Mileage (42.45) – Altra Impulse – Oh well they didn’t do so good. They were loud, slappy and after 4.0 miles total my right foot started to bother pretty good. So I would not have gone any further even if I had really wanted to. I really, really didn’t want to screw up my foot again. The Impulse will be going away, they are not comfortable enough to keep for walking and running anything over 3.0 miles results in my right foot becoming painful – which ain’t good. Headed to the back of the garage tomorrow.


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