A Snowy Day = No Running – RunLog 12/3/19

Yeah, I could run outside today, but if I ain’t even driving anywhere, why on earth would I want to run outside?

To prove my machismo, how tough I am or any of those other things I could say. Nope, if it is too bad for me to drive to the gym, it means it is too bad to run outside.


Besides that is what we got that fancy-dancy elliptical for last year. No it is not running, but it is good cross training and when I use it, the aches and pains that I have when running disappear. So it gives the old body a break and who know might even strengthen some of the parts that need fixin or is that no pounding.

We unplug the elliptical after each time, so the date/time are way off.

To make a long story short, I did 8.0 miles on the elliptical while watching Falcon Park Colorado Virtual Run with Seth James DeMoor on YouTube. It helps make the time go by quicker and also lets me imagine running in places that I will never see.

Now to get ready for a couple of hours behind the snowblower, since it is the first one of the year, I will probably go ahead and turn on the GPS in walk mode to see how far my usual snowblowing will be worth cardio-wise. I know I also get in a helluva upper body workout tugging and twisting that beast of a snow blower around.

Snowblowing was worth about 2.25 miles of walking for two driveways and two hours of push and pull. We got about 6-8” of snow and it was ending just about the same time that I finished the driveways :-).

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